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Mingle 12.2 is now available - in two flavours!

We are pleased to announce that Mingle 12.2 is now available in two flavors: Mingle and Mingle Plus. Mingle Plus contains all of the features of Mingle and opens up a new realm of capabilities to our customers. The first of these new capabilities is called Planner and it is intended to encourage collaboration and transparency for multiple teams working toward a shared goal within a program of work. Some of the highlights include: Planning work towards objectives. Objectives represent high level business value that will be delivered as part of a program. They can contain work from multiple projects. Forecasting whether objectives will complete as plans based on projects work. Creation of visual, interactive timelines to communicate plans across the organization. Alerts when objectives and projects may be delivered later than expected. Learn more about Mingle Plus and how to get your hands on these new capabilities. Mingle, is the same great product you have come to know and love. It now includes support for Firefox 10 (yes, we know it's already up to Firefox 14), PostgreSQL 9.1, more search options and a little more of your card titles on the grid view. Learn more about what is new in Mingle 12.2. How to get Mingle 12.2? Please download the latest installers to take advantage of these new features. Details of the system requirements as well as detailed instructions on installing and upgrading to Mingle 12.2 can be found in our Mingle help. Tell us what you think... Please send us your feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you - The Mingle Team

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