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Kwallet: an all-in-your-pocket app

Konvergence is an Italian retail solutions provider with a mission to offer convergent applications and enabling technologies designed to make life easier for both consumer and retailer. 

Kwallet, a game-changing product which transforms the retail customer experience, was recently launched at one of Italy’s top retailers Coop Consumatori Nordest. It is what everyone has been waiting for! An “all-in- your-pocket” app which makes shopping experiences super convenient, rewarding and secure.

It combines promotions, mobile-wallet, scan and go, shopping list, coupons, a digital loyalty card and payments. 

Konvergence engaged Thoughtworks to provide product, technology and user experience direction. The aim was to connect to existing systems and a more complex set of retail client side multichannel platforms. Using agile techniques and working alongside marketing, technology and client relations, we were able to build out Kwallet quickly while helping Konvergence maintain a core product strategy. 

For the customer Kwallet provides more self service opportunities, easy checkout, real time & relevant promotions and tailored rewards. But the real uniqueness is the mobile payment. The app guarantees the simplicity of the shopping on line and the security of a credit card transaction. For the retailer it gives a one-to-one connection and rich data about shopping behaviour. Kwallet will reduce the cost to provide the core components of an in-store shopping experience. 

Patrizia Cicognani, marketing manager at Konvergence said: “Kwallet is an innovative app for the grocery market because it combines the entire range of services that a modern retailer can give to the consumer on a any device.." There are two main benefits for the retailer: a cost saving in terms of store operations and a fully maintained customer experience. 

Working onsite in Ravenna at Konvergence subsidiary with a distributed team based out of Thoughtworks Chennai, we were able to get on top of user experience design and development of the ‘product’ within six months. The first release was production ready in a span of two months, showing product innovation at speed. Underpinning this product with continuous delivery methods allows Konvergence to now go even faster on maturing the product and releasing new features. 

K-Wallet , rebranded by Coop Nordest in “MyCoop” is already successful at Coop Consumatori Nordest where approximately 30% of all transactions are being completed using the self service, scan-and-go solution. And Coop Nordest hopes in even better results with the new App! 

We work with a number of grocers and convenience retailers globally and have been tackling the digital customer experience, but this is by far the most successful provision of digital service we have seen. The answer lies in a slick customer experience that actually works well in a busy store where a customers hands are already full. More importantly how Konvergence consistently manages promotions across multiple touch points (self checkout, scan and go, till, online) makes this truly compelling. Getting this piece right has been a cornerstone to the success of K-Wallet as a product but also its launch and uptake at Coop ConsumatoriNordest.
Mark Collin
Head of Retail Europe at Thoughtworks

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