the responsive organisation

Responsiveness is the new reality.

Transparency and visibility are the new must-haves for leaders.

Exploration and adoption of emergent technologies is the new norm.

Closing the capability-opportunity gap

Few organizations are designed around delivering the services customers want today. Planning to act is no longer a viable option - powerful strategies are those driven by action. But how can leaders operate confidently in an environment that's ambiguous and uncertain?

In today's world, technology is the enabler and the organization is the constraint.

Improve your ability to respond to change by removing the constraints to speed

Create confidence in execution by viewing strategy as a hypothesis to be tested and evolved.

Untangle the critical elements of your strategy to quickly act through a thin slice that informs progression. Build in responsive mechanisms and accelerate using technology.

When combined with Business Agility and Strategic Alignment, this ensures a lean and fast journey.

Create continuous flow between your strategy, desired outcomes, execution and the experience of your customers and workforce.

The modern enterprise needs to empower its workforce to deal with increasingly complex information, while staying aligned to corporate objectives.

Make business decisions obvious and capture weaker signals for change.

Create continuous relevance between your enterprise and the markets it chooses to engage - preparing it to be able to deal with ambiguity, disruption and the speed of change.

The modern enterprise needs to deal with increasingly diverse business drivers at a faster pace in order to remain viable. The essence of business agility is perpetually tuning your strategy, organization and operations to perform effectively in a changing business environment.

IAG - transforming the enterprise

Our values matter

We are creating better ways for enterprises to transform themselves through technology - empowering them to grow with courage and confidence.Through this work, we’ve come to value the following:

Our values
Our values

We believe in ​transparency​, visibility, honesty and​ aptitude. We are provocative, disruptive and genuine in our drive to remove the constraints that limit an organization's potential.

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