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Hao Hu(胡皓)

Lead Consultant

After serving in the People's Liberation Army for 5 years and retired as a first-class sergeant, he started to enter the IT industry in 2008. He worked for Erdos Group, POWER CHINA, Shinetech Software. He worked on a wide range of business analysis, software development, and project management during this time.


After joining Thoughtworks in 2014, he mainly worked as a full-stack software development engineer, trainer, and technical consultant. In the technical area, he is particularly good at full-stack software development, end-to-end delivery, object-oriented design, test-driven development, continuous integration/continuous delivery, domain-driven design, clean architecture, microservices, Cloud Native, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, and other technologies and methodologies.



Since 2014, as a key creator and facilitator, he has researched, explored, and built Thoughtworks China's talent development system and established the China corporate university, "Thoughtworks School," with vibrant personnel development and training experience.



Since 2018, he has been engaged in external professional technical consulting work in the Consulting Business Unit, refining software engineering capabilities based on refactoring, test-driven development, and continuous delivery, and deepening digital architecture capabilities represented by evolutionary architecture, domain-driven design, and cloud-native microservices to help Thoughtworks' customers achieve their software engineering capability improvement and digital transformation goals.



At the end of 2020, he joined the "Enterprise Architecture, Cloud and Cloud Service Line" and is currently driving and implementing software engineering performance change in Thoughtworks China and helping customers solve engineering performance problems externally, focusing, exploring, and precipitating large-scale software engineering performance improvement solutions that fit the current situation in China.