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Open and Ready to Mingle - Part 2 - OpenSocial Gadgets

In our previous post we demonstrated how RESTful APIs can be used to further extend Mingle’s functionality. We now take a quick look at how Mingle supports OpenSocial Gadgets.

Mingle and OpenSocial

Mingle uses the OpenSocial gadget stack to provide UI integrations. This provides a secure, standards-based platform for displaying one application's content in another application. Part of this infrastructure is that Mingle itself is an OpenSocial gadget rendering server. That is, it's possible to display almost any Open Social gadget in Mingle using Mingle's OpenSocial gadget macro. Generally speaking, a gadget is simply a piece of content from another application, such as a weather forecast map or a Go pipeline status indicator. If you use iGoogle and have customized your home page, you have worked with OpenSocial gadgets.


Using OpenSocial gadgets, you can track the progress of your Go build-test-release pipeline and see the status of your builds from your Mingle project itself.

How do you extend Mingle?

Share your examples on our Mingle extension forum on the Studios Community. And stay tuned for our concluding post on extending Mingle using custom macros.


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