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Announcing Twist 2.4

The Twist team is pleased to announce the General Access release of Twist 2.4.
This release of Twist comes with a whole set of cool new features. Some of these are listed below:
1. SynonymAssist
SynonymAssist is a feature in Twist that lets you search for content(steps and concepts) by matching steps and concepts against synonyms of words that you have typed in. Typing in word(s) and invoking Synonym Assist will provide a list of suggestions steps and concepts to select from.
2. Improved Autocomplete 
The Auto-complete feature now comes with improved ordering of search results. Twist Content Assist will now display results ordered by concepts first, followed by implemented workflow steps and finally unimplemented steps.
3. Selenium upgrade
Selenium driver bundled with Twist is upgraded to version 2.15.
4. Spring upgrade
With upgrade to Spring 3.1, Twist provides additional capabilities like Annotation based configuration to initialize tests.
Happy Twisting,
The Twist Team.

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