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Multiplying benefits through technology with Ticket | Thoughtworks

Multiplying benefits through technology

Combining technology and product is not an easy task. By connecting these two areas, Thoughtworks became Ticket's partner to redesign their products, thereby helping Ticket better reflect their mission of multiplying benefits across their products.

Ticket is a benefit-focused company from Edenred Group, the world's leader in transaction solutions for companies, employees and merchants. The company is committed to securing the best experience for users, adding value to establishments and delivering benefits for the entire chain.

With national coverage in Brazil, Ticket serves 70,000 corporate clients and more than 5 million users with 4.3 million electronic cards accepted in a network of 320,000 establishments across 4,800 cities.

With the challenge of developing a digital platform, Thoughtworks and Ticket co-created the "Ticket Conecte" app. The product was designed to add value to the business of commercial establishments and the end user, connecting the two parts and multiplying benefits.

As a result, clients have gained an additional advantage in advertising on the Ticket platform: reaching the ideal audience at that right time. Through Ticket Conecte, they can segment promotions and reach the customers they aim to impact.

It's not just about delivering a product, delivering an app or even delivering a website. It's actually much more than that, it's a cultural change
Luiz Afonso
CIO Brazil & America, Edenred

In addition to the delivery of a platform, the partnership has also enabled Ticket to rediscover their way of working, aligning goals and execution.

Beyond generating business value, the partnership between Ticket and Thoughtworks has also enabled an agile transformation adapted to the reality of the company, generating scalable impact.

Based on what we’ve seen from this partnership, other Edenred business units in Brazil and globally are evaluating the adoption of this approach to similar problems
Luiz Afonso
CIO Brazil & America, Edenred

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