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Be AI ready beyond coding


Software engineering teams are facing relentless pressure to do more with less. More projects and more features are needed with the same or fewer people and on reduced timelines. The transformative power of AI, paired with the latest engineering practices across the delivery lifecycle, can help significantly. Not the 50% improvements claimed by some coding-assistant zealots. After all, developers spend less than 40% of their time coding.  At Thoughtworks we look at the full delivery process from product inception to operations to:


  • Accelerate your AI adoption 
  • Drive 10-30% productivity gains within 6-12 months
  • Reduce waste, friction and risk 
  • Increase developer satisfaction and skill
  • Create clear measures and governance


Are you ready to explore your organization’s potential and readiness to adopt generative AI across end-to-end software delivery? Request your AI-assisted Software Delivery Clinic today. Whether your team is just beginning your journey of using AI in software or you have advanced knowledge and experiments underway, we’ll meet you where you are and help you move to the next level.



Generative AI expert explaining a point in a workshop
Generative AI expert explaining a point in a workshop

Activate AI in software delivery


In as little as two hours, we’ll help you:


  • Explore the use of AI across software delivery from requirements gathering and design to coding and testing to run operations and support

  • Discuss measuring waste, metrics that matter, culture, privacy, security and tooling – and demonstrate some of these concepts in action

  • Evaluate how to reduce waste and accelerate value

  • Assess readiness

  • Prioritize AI use cases based on impact, complexity and feasibility

  • Suggest next steps


After the workshop you will receive:


  • A workshop synthesis
  • A path forward, including a recommended list of AI use cases in end-to-end software delivery and concrete prioritized next steps

  • A deck to share with your stakeholders with additional content


*Workshop times vary based on scope desired and attendees

Three people collaborating around laptops
Three people collaborating around laptops

Preparing for success

For this workshop to be most effective, we recommend sponsorship by a senior director or above within your software portfolio such as a Chief Architect, Head of Software Engineering or Head of Developer Experience. Your sponsor(s) should be individuals with the remit to take this work forward with the proposed next steps. This workshop is designed for 8-10 people, but no more than 12. Virtual and in-person options are available. 

As a market-leading pioneer of software excellence, Thoughtworks is best placed to help you integrate GenAI into your software delivery lifecycle. Our recommendations are field tested: We’re out doing what others are only talking about, delivering AI-assisted software delivery to premium brands around the world. We’re excited to help you accelerate your own journey to adopt AI in software delivery.

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