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Comunidades de bem viver

In Brazil, one of our social change partners is the Movimento Bem Viver (Good Living Movement). We support the movement by strengthening their Agroecological Communities of Good Living project, which has a bold and inspiring mission to connect countryside, city and forest. 


At Thoughtworks we believe that tech can expand the impact of organizations on the front line of social change, and we invest in projects all over the world to contribute to a fairer technological future. 


The project unites farming families in the countryside with people from the city who want to contribute to the process of agroecological transition. It re-establishes production and consumption relationships - bringing people closer to the source of the food they eat - and promotes access to healthy food and involvement in its production. By using agroforestry systems, they make the biome self-sustainable: regenerating degraded areas and transforming the area into a forest that also produces healthy food with a low carbon footprint.


Our partnership began in 2020, and since then we have created a robust, practical and safe technological solution to support the entire management process of the Agroecological Communities. This solution is ready to scale as the  project grows, both in the number of co-farmers and in the expansion to new territories. In addition to the benefits for society from this inspirational work, Thoughtworkers benefit from participating in a social purpose project, expanding their skills and perspectives, and contributing to technology for the common good.


Outcomes to date

The project builds an ecosystem in which people from the city become co-farmers by purchasing agro-ecological baskets of products planted in partner territories. Since we started this partnership, 1700 families have benefited from involvement as farmers and co-farmers, more than two thousand trees have been planted, six hectares have been reforested and more than 12 tons of carbon captured from the atmosphere.


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