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[Webinar] How Continuous Delivery Can Help Get the Best Out of the Cloud

#10 - How Continuous Delivery Can Help Get the Best Out of the Cloud

While many believe that traditional applications and software related processes may not always work in the Cloud, in this Webinar Daniel Aragao and Nigel Fernandes will discuss how companies can move, create and maintain applications in this environment through Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, automation, monitoring and build pipelines. Archived video of this presentation is below and learn how to bring development and operations teams together to enable Continuous Delivery in your company.

About the Speakers

Daniel Aragao is an all rounder Agilist, he can cut code, manage iterations and projects. Daniel has successfully helped teams in Australia, Brazil, USA, China and Mexico to reach their full potential. But what Daniel likes the most is to deliver code into production, preferably in a smooth, frequent and zero-suprise way. Nigel Fernandes considers himself a software delivery monkey wrench. He played the roles of developer, architect, support engineer, system administrator, tester and manager, in countries like India, the UK, Germany and Australia. His passion is converting learnings from each of those diverse experiences into the ingredients for high performance teams, underlying successful software delivery.

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