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TELUS Online Security
TELUS Digital

Keeping Canadians
safe in a digital world

TELUS Online Security (TOS) is the first full-suite online security service to be offered in Canada through a partnership with NortonLifeLock. It is a comprehensive online security product that offers complete protection for devices, privacy, and personal information. It provides peace-of-mind of every single Canadian through all-in-one protection.

Thoughtworks worked closely with TELUS Digital, dedicated to building innovative, data-driven, customer centric digital experiences by managing TELUS’ digital assets, to launch a regional beta in just one month. Working across teams based in Ecuador, Brazil and Canada, we developed and delivered a solution that enables TELUS to offer a standalone Online Security product for the Canadian market.

The process

TELUS and Thoughtworks first defined the product vision and mapped the journey ahead. To fully achieve this, they had to understand the personas of main target groups and how they would interact with the product. Thoughtworks worked creatively to leverage the frameworks and technologies that TELUS had already developed to create this experience in record time. The effective communication established between the Thoughtworks development team and the TELUS product team was crucial for success.

Project timeline: Lean and fast through close collaboration

Beta insights and learnings

Initially launching with beta in three months, TELUS and Thoughtworks were able to find insights to measure and improve the product and refine its educational process with customers about TOS offers in select regions. They were also raising awareness of online security and the importance of online safety.  

With TOS Beta, the main goal from the Business was to uncover new and effective ways to make all Canadians aware of the potential threats to online security and the solutions provided by TOS. Awareness, consideration and conversion, customer segments targets, social media platforms, optimal message and tone, and pricing were all part of the strategy. The continued analysis and the initiatives identified allowed us to improve and test different variations of the product.

Once TOS Beta closed, the Thoughtworks team generated the corresponding technical documentation as part of the assets of this product. Learnings from TOS Beta represent important recommendations for the TOS National Roadmap as part of the continuous improvement of the current journey and user experience.

“TOS is an excellent example of how TELUS Digital can launch rapid solutions that deliver user value with their industry leading platform business model.” 

Corey Eastman

Client Principal at Thoughtworks

National launch

We took learnings from the beta launch to go national with TOS, putting the product in front of a bigger audience and expanding to all provinces throughout Canada. The product also provides a holistic solution that offers all-in-one protection instead of similar features in different products. Education of the market continues and TOS’s standalone offers will be extended to the rest of Canada. TELUS and Thoughtworks continue to optimize on their learnings to better serve their customers and drive TELUS Online Security out to the market. We are working together to look at what the next phases look like.

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