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AWS and Thoughtworks: Interactive Video Service

Introducing Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS)


Build engaging live stream and interactive video experiences


Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) is an AWS service that empowers brands and organizations to use live interactive video to inform, entertain and educate their customers. A complete video delivery platform can be spun up from a simple API call, with hugely scalable infrastructure, with low latency, interactivity with a cloud native pay-as-you-go commercial model.

Experimentation powered by Thoughtworks and AWS


 We integrate the best of AWS’ Innovation Mechanisms through ‘Working Backwards’ with Thoughtworks’ Lean Experimentation and Integrated Design and ‘Thin Slice’ approach to deliver the value of interactive video early in thin slices. 


The spectrum of opportunities for experimenting and innovating with live streaming and interactive live video are endless. As an AWS IVS partner, Innovate at Thoughtworks can work with you to identify use cases for IVS and interactive live video, rapidly prototype and test concepts, and deliver final solutions.


High-impact and potential opportunites we're seeing include:

Build digital communities with user-generated content and live chatrooms

Go direct-to-consumer and increase revenue through live e-commerce

Drive customer stickiness and reach new audiences at scale with livestreams

Get in touch to experiment and build live stream experiences

Leverage the power of our digital innovation and AWS cloud and services expertise to Innovate with Thoughtworks. 

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