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thoughtworks supports dapa daca

Thoughtworks Joins Business and Technology Leaders on an Amicus Brief Supporting President Obama’s Executive Orders Protecting Immigrants

Brief was submitted in Current Supreme Court Case that is Reviewing the President’s Executive Action

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, is proud to join with businesses, community groups, churches, Senators and Representatives in the fight to protect certain immigrants without documentation from deportation. Thoughtworks supports the executive action taken by President Barack Obama, also known as DAPA and DACA, to protect millions of undocumented workers against deportation. The action is currently a part of a Supreme Court Case, and as such, Thoughtworks has signed an Amicus (friend of the court) brief supporting the President’s action in solidarity with members of the business and technology community. Other such briefs have been filed by immigrant groups, churches, legislators, cities and counties.


“Mass deportation will not create the environment needed to guarantee the economic growth of the United States,” said Joanna Parke, Thoughtworks Managing Director of North America. “It is Thoughtworks’ belief that we should not let the talent within the immigrant community go to waste. We need to make sure children of undocumented workers are allowed to reach their full potential and follow their dreams in technology and other fields.”


Thoughtworks operates in 12 countries and it is essential to have employees who have the ability to speak foreign languages to conduct business abroad.


One of the fundamental problems facing U.S. businesses today is a shortage of skills in the science, technology, engineering and math fields, despite the millions of unemployed. This “skills mismatch” stifles economic growth, debilitates human potential, and contributes to the income inequality that plagues our country. Sound immigration policy will help alleviate that shortage and remove some obstacles from assembling the perse, highly-skilled workforce that modern companies like Thoughtworks need to operate, serve its clients, and build software that can serve humanity.


“These executive orders, removing the immediate terror of imminent family disruption for millions, is the first step in broad immigration reform. A just society seeking opportunity for all must go further to treat migrants as the productive members of society that they are by providing work permits; driver’s licenses; access to public education, freedom to report crimes without fear of deportation; and an end to workplace abuses, such as minimum wage violations, safety violations, sexual harassment, etc. that undermine workplace protections for all,” said Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, Thoughtworks Director of Strategic Partnerships, Office of Social Change Initiatives. “As a child of migrants I know that mass deportations are a huge obstacle to education, family life, and meaningful careers.”