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thoughtworks announces mingle cycle time analytics

Thoughtworks announces Mingle’s Cycle Time Analytics to help teams continuously improve and deliver quality software

Thoughtworks Studios, a leading provider in Agile software solutions and training, today announced at Agile2013, the availability of Cycle Time Analytics via its Mingle® Agile project management tool.

Mingle’s Cycle Time Analytics helps customers improve and deliver value faster by automatically calculating a team’s cycle time. In addition, by highlighting important outliers and trends, and revealing bottlenecks in a team’s delivery process, Mingle helps teams decide with confidence what should be improved and quantitatively verify that their improvement efforts paid off.


Some additional aspects of Mingle’s Cycle Time Analytics:

  • Calculates and displays a team’s average cycle time per week.
  • Breaks down how long a story spends, on average, in each step of a team’s process.
  • Shows the details of inpidual stories: from a story’s overall cycle time to how long it spent in each step of a team’s process.



Mingle is an Agile project management tool that supports familiar Agile practices, but can be tailored to fit a team's evolving process as it changes and grows. We recognize each project and team is different. Mingle allows each team to work in its best, natural style. And it does this without sacrificing visibility at any level.


“We want to take the guesswork out of our customers’ improvement efforts,” said David Rice, Managing Director. “Great software teams are constantly striving to improve. To do that, they adapt how they work as they learn. We support this by providing meaningful, actionable information to teams, allowing them to make better decisions than they would by intuition alone.”


Stop by and say hello to the Thoughtworks Studios team (#tw_studios) at Agile2013 (#Agile2013). Or visit Thoughtworks Mingle to learn more.