Always thinking

23 Oct 2014


Closing the Digital Gap for People with a Visual Impairment

Lerato Mapogo

22 Oct 2014

Serving the Social Sector

EnQripta Quito and Campus Party Quito: It's Up to Us!

Matheus Tait

21 Oct 2014


Microservices and the First Law of Distributed Objects

Martin Fowler

20 Oct 2014

Experience Design

Never Stop Sketching

Emily Luke

18 Oct 2014

Product Strategy

How to Implement Hypothesis-Driven Development

Barry O'Reilly

15 Oct 2014

Organizational Agility

The Transformation of a Customer Contact Center

Sue Visic

13 Oct 2014

Agile Project Management

What Makes a Team?

Tiago Rosa

13 Oct 2014

Society and Technology

Why the World Needs a Marco Civil

Rishab Bailey

9 Oct 2014

People and Culture

8 características que os profissionais de TI devem ter

Gabriel Notari

9 Oct 2014

Agile Project Management

Trabajando en Squads

Fausto de la Torre

9 Oct 2014

Agile Project Management

Pairing for Business Analysts - Our Story

Jagbir Singh Lehl

9 Oct 2014


XConf Europe - It's All About the Tech

Bettina Kastenhofer

7 Oct 2014

Product Strategy

Break Free From Obvious Solutions

Aly Blenkin and Fernanda Alcocer

4 Oct 2014

Software Testing

Fortalecendo a comunidade de Teste de Software em Belo Horizonte

QAs em BH

3 Oct 2014

Big Data Analytics

NoSQL Databases: An Overview

Pramod Sadalage

2 Oct 2014


Rethinking Retail IT

Robin Copland

2 Oct 2014

Progressive Change

Introducing Madyondza: A MeetUp to Digitise African Knowledge

Musa Kurhula Baloyi

1 Oct 2014

Society and Technology

Technology and the Egyptian Revolution

Patrick Turley

26 Sep 2014

People and Culture

Turkey Delights: A New Country, Conference and Audience

Sam Massey

25 Sep 2014

Society and Technology

This Email is for the People I Sent it to. Nobody Else.

Lisa Junger and Lourenço P. Soares

24 Sep 2014


Microservices: Lessons from the Frontline

Zhamak Dehghani

22 Sep 2014


Marketing de proximidade: quando a tecnologia encontra o negócio

Gabriel Brigidi

17 Sep 2014

Progressive Change

Hacking for Democracy: Getting Big Money out of Politics

Sarah Bonk

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