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R: dplyr – group_by dynamic or programmatic field / variable (Error: index out of bounds)

In my last blog post I showed how to group timestamp based data by week, month and quarter and by the end we had the following code samples using dplyr and zoo:

timestampToDate ()-[:HAS_MEMBERSHIP]->(membership)-[:OF_GROUP]->(g:Group {name: \"Neo4j - London User Group\"})
         RETURN membership.joined AS joinTimestamp"
meetupMembers = cypher(graph, query)

As you can see there’s quite a bit of duplication going on – the only thing that changes in the last 3 lines is the name of the field that we want to group by.

I wanted to pull this code out into a function and…

Blog post by Mark Needham
29 August 2014

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R: Grouping by week, month, quarter

In my continued playing around with R and meetup data I wanted to have a look at when people joined the London Neo4j group based on week, month or quarter of the year to see when they were most likely to do so.

I started with the following query to get back the join timestamps:

query = "MATCH (:Person)-[:HAS_MEETUP_PROFILE]->()-[:HAS_MEMBERSHIP]->(membership)-[:OF_GROUP]->(g:Group {name: \"Neo4j - London User Group\"})
         RETURN membership.joined AS joinTimestamp"
meetupMembers = cypher(graph, query)
> head(meetupMembers)
1 1.376572e+12
2 1.379491e+12
3 1.349454e+12
4 1.383127e+12
5 1.372239e+12
6 1.330295e+12

The first step was to get joinDate into a nicer…

Blog post by Mark Needham
28 August 2014

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Why the Recruitment Revolution won't be sparked with Tinder - Candy Crush for your Career?

The world of HR and recruitment software seems to be going through something of a renaissance as of late.  The world that was dominated by user-unfriendly bloatware is becoming increasingly fragmented.  As more players rose to fill the gaps in usability for a beleaguered audience so smaller competitors rose up too.  For a small provider or startup, HR is a domain ripe for disruption.  It bears all the hallmarks of an industry that at it's surface looks unchanged.  For the founders of startups who may have been at the unfulfilling receiving end of so many HRBP's in larger organisations HR…

Blog post by Matthew Buckland
27 August 2014

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Palestras de Agosto e Setembro

Olha as iniciativas e ações que estou ajudando e/ou palestrando!

Dia 23 de agosto: DevFestSul, em Porto Alegre/RS, que a Wildtech patrocinou! 

Dia 25-29 de agosto: Formação de Métodos Ágeis na TargetTrust, nesta semana no curso de Scrum. Estarei atuando em algumas aulas com o Rafael Helm.

Dia 28 de agosto: Estarei em São Paulo, e participarei de uma atividade com a galera da Bluesoft, no chamado Papo Reto, evento que eles fazem por lá. Farei um papo sobre algo ligado a Service Design e User Experience. :)

Dias 29 e 30 de agosto: É dia de Java

Blog post by Daniel Wildt
27 August 2014

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Why Organisational Culture Comes From the Top

When you are a doer, you want people to let you do your job and to help you improve at it. You need senior people who enable you.

When you are senior or a lead, you want people to let you do your job and to help people around you. At this point, you know how to improve yourself but you need to be allowed the space to grow and move.

When you are a team, group or organisational leader, you want people to let you do your job and to enable those around you to do their jobs. You…

Blog post by Damana Madden
27 August 2014

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The future doesn't need you: 8 pieces of advice to myself as a new graduate

A couple of weeks ago, the engineering college I graduated from invited me to join an industry panel to give the graduating batch some advice about careers and dealing with the real world. Too little of it, in my opinion, focussed on the single most important problem you need to solve in a modern career: The rapid pace at which your professional skills and your employer's business models are

Blog post by Sidu Ponnappa Kariappa Chonira
27 August 2014

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It's your data, not TripIt's... an example of dragging information out of your buried data

Update: I have another blogpost with an example of how to pull your trip it data (using a Ruby library and OAuth) into an XML file.
My tax accountant recently asked me for a rundown of days I had traveled for work in 2013. I use TripIt pro to track my travel, this should be trivial. Hooray for SaaS!

Alas, I log in, and look around... nah, no reports here. The closest thing is the past trips list. Alas I can't filter by a date range or destination or purpose. (Aside: the "Traveler" filter is implemented client side…

Blog post by Muness Alrubaie
26 August 2014

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I was humble once and I was awesome at it or 5 Rules to Being a Great Team Lead

I often mock humility with my favourite saying "I was humble once and I was awesome at it."

The truth is that I think humility is a virtue. It is a moral excellence and one that many claim to possess but then fail miserably at.

The reason I bring it up in this context is because you can not enable and serve a team unless you possess the ability to put yourself last and not aspire to take the credit.

In the last few years, I have worked with egos that would sink the Titanic. Most have been brilliant individuals…

Blog post by Damana Madden
26 August 2014

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The Case for Buying Technical Books

In the past few months I've seen more than a few articles encouraging programmers to write books. Each article provides at least a bit of good advice, and proceeds to conclude with the same idea:
You should write a book to build your brand.
I find this conclusion accurate and extremely disappointing. If the overwhelming reason to write a book is brand building, then the pool of potential authors is restricted to people who would benefit from brand building (and people who don't value their time).
How Did We Get Here?
The Internet, obviously. Practically everyone knows how to…

Blog post by Jay Fields
25 August 2014

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Linux Performance Tools from brendangregg




Blog post by Ben Stopford
24 August 2014

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