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how to build a MVP

Today a friend shared an image on how to build a MVP.


Some months ago I tried drawing something similar on a whiteboard: one wheel bicycle, a normal bicycle, a bicycle with engine, a motorbike (two wheels), a motorbike with four wheels, a car.

Kudos to the author of this amazing drawing! Btw, if you know the original post, please advise.







Blog post by Paulo Caroli - Blog
30 October 2014

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Innovation by Design: Muito conteúdo, pouca profundidade

Eu ouvi e vi o vídeo de "Happy" do Pharrell mais do que deveria, comi sorvetes gourmet (achei meio mais ou menos...) e ouvi a palavra "fuck" mais vezes do que em todas as outras conferências que fui antes somadas. Como todo bom design, a principal preocupação da conferência foi com a experiência do usuário - ou, no caso, dos participantes. Porém caiu na armadilha que muito design cai: esqueceu o objetivo expresso de uma conferência - a transferência de conhecimento. Um dos participantes resumiu ao comentar "eu não aprendi nada de novo hoje".

Sem dúvida houveram momentos marcantes. George…

Blog post by Lourenco Piuma Soares
28 October 2014

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Architecture of Morrisons OrderPad

Morrisons OrderPad is a tablet web-application that helps staff in supermarkets place orders for new stock as they walk around the store. My colleague Rob Miles and I felt that the resulting application makes a good expositional architecture for a tablet web application backed by a lightweight java server. We highlight the separation of application control and DOM interaction on the client, using small, focused frameworks on the server, the broad-stack testing environment, and the use of a pilot project to understand what features were needed.

Blog post by Martin Fowler
28 October 2014

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On Leadership and Being a Lead

Henry, the “Developer”

I once worked in a team with an amazing developer, let’s call him Henry (not his real name). Henry refused to play the Tech Lead, preferring to stay as hands-on with code as much as possible. When the team had a technical problem, they would first go to Henry. He always offered a well-balanced opinion on technical decisions which meant the team almost always agreed with his proposals. Even business people recognised his technical aptitude. When he asked for time to work on important technical tasks, he always got it.

Although Henry was just a “Developer”, he…

Blog post by Patrick Kua
27 October 2014

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photostream 76

Acadia N.P., ME

Blog post by Martin Fowler
25 October 2014

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Kernel Extensions Versions between Mavericks and Yosemite

With the recent release of Yosemite I was curious to know which internals of OS X where updated, not only the stuff listed on a new features page.

For that I coded a script to extract the CFBundleShortVersionString entry from Info.plist present in almost all kernel extensions before the upgrade and after. You can check the table bellow for additions, removals and differences between Mavericks (OS X 10.9) and Yosemite (OS X 10.10) Kernel Extensions.

Kernel Extension Mavericks Yosemite
ATTOCelerityFC.kext 3.4.8  
ATTOExpressPCI4.kext 4.4.2  
ATTOExpressSASHBA.kext 2.0.0  
ATTOExpressSASHBA3.kext 1.0.5  
ATTOExpressSASRAID.kext 3.7.2  
Accusys6xxxx.kext 3.0.2  
AppleFSCompressionTypeLZVN.kext 56.92.1  

Blog post by Marco Valtas
25 October 2014

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Book Recommendations for a Tech Lead

I gave several training courses on being a Tech Lead and found myself giving a number of book recommendations. Although books are no substitute for experiential learning and close feedback cycles, they are useful as ways of introducing some key skills developers rarely practice in their day-to-day tasks.


A Tech Lead represents both the technical perspective to outside stakeholders, and often carries a business perspective back into the technical team. Conflict is inevitable and understanding how to negotiate to an optimal solution for two parties is a timeless skill.

Getting To YesGetting to Yes was one of my favourite books. It’s…

Blog post by Patrick Kua
24 October 2014

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Transcend USA on Twitter: "@twchad R&D is currently working on a Toolbox update to allow TRIM to be enabled on Yosemite."

Transcend USA on Twitter: "@twchad R&D is currently working on a Toolbox update to allow TRIM to be enabled on Yosemite.":

Transcend is going to enable TRIM support in Yosemite for its JetDrives. Couldn’t find this in any forums so I asked directly. Transcend USA gave me a timely response.

Blog post by Chad Wathington
23 October 2014

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Talking about Refactoring on the Ruby Rogues Podcast

Last week I sat with the Ruby Rogues - a podcast about development in the Ruby and Rails world (Avdi Grimm, Jessica Kerr and host Charles Max Wood). They have a regular book club, and their book this time was the Ruby edition of Refactoring We talked about the definition of refactoring, why we find we don’t use debuggers much, what might be done to modernize the book, the role of refactoring tools, whether comments can be used for good, the trade-off between refactoring and rewriting, modularity and microservices, and how the software industry has changed over…

Blog post by Martin Fowler
22 October 2014

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Why constrain your retrospectives?

Retrospectives are a wonderful tool for continued improvement and learning.  Yet, we often don’t retrospect on our retros!  I have often found that the grouping of topics is constrained by the format of the retro.  This week I tried an experiment to remove that constraint and was pleased with the results.

Imagine a team with mixed software delivery beliefs.  Bob loves to pair, yet Rob wants to work on his own.  Bob, and a few others put stickies up in the positive section.  Rob, and others, put stickies up in the improve section.  The team dot votes, and though the…

Blog post by JK Werner
22 October 2014

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