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technology radar edition19

Thoughtworks’ Technology Radar Lauds the Value of Enduring Engineering Practices

International Advisory Board of Leading Technologists Issue Newest Edition of Tech Radar

As the pace of technological innovation accelerates, enterprise leaders are frequently challenged by the practicalities of using those advances to deliver business value. To make an innovation truly effective requires figuring out how to apply modern engineering practices to it: continuous delivery, testing, collaboration and so on. While it may seem that the introduction of a new technological innovation alone advances our industry, it’s the combination of innovation with these enduring engineering practices that underpin our continued progress.


The value of enduring engineering practices has been highlighted in the 19th edition of Technology Radar from global software consultancy, Thoughtworks. Utilizing a visual approach, the bi-annual report provides an assessment of emerging trends shaping the future of software development and business strategy. The Radar is designed for technology stakeholders, from developers to CTOs, and is based upon Thoughtworks’ observations, conversations and frontline experiences solving its clients’ toughest business challenges.


“In the constantly changing software development ecosystem, our Technology Radar publication has consistently highlighted a stream of new tools, frameworks, techniques and platforms to explore,” said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer, Thoughtworks. “The Radar provides a snapshot of what we see working for our clients, along with our thoughts on the potential risks that may be involved.”


The notable themes in this edition of Technology Radar include:


Sticky Clouds


Once engaged with a cloud provider, customers may find that their relationship becomes stickier over time because of custom features and enticing offers.


Lingering Enterprise Anti-patterns


No matter how fast technology changes, the same problems persist: organizations find it difficult to avoid typical enterprise anti-patterns.


Enduring Engineering Practices


Enduring engineering practices provide the best plan of attack to incorporate the variety and scope of technology innovation into projects effectively.


Pace = Distance / Time


The pace of technology innovation continues to increase, reflected in how long blips remain on our Radar. We modified the Radar creation process to reflect the ever-increasing pace of technology change.


Visit Thoughtworks.com/radar to explore the report and interactive version.