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Porsche | Thoughtworks

Customer-focused solutions for the transformation towards a digital car manufacturer

Porsche's 2025 strategy is to shape the future of sports cars. The sports car of the future combines the tradition and values of the Porsche brand with innovative technologies and sustainability. In Thoughtworks, Porsche found a partner to support them in shaping and designing a digital brand experience.


Moving to the cloud


Organizational and cultural change was essential for scalability and transformation required to deliver the future of sports cars. This shift included independence from internal IT towards cloud-based services and flexible and agile portfolio management.


Porsche had the goal to move services to the cloud in order to be independent of central data centers and enable deployment from anywhere. Thoughtworks provided support with the implementation of test scenarios and the technical enablement of the individual product teams. The results were fewer, long service outages and an improved customer experience.


Business transformation through cultural change


For a successful business transformation, a cultural change and constant communication is essential. With the support of Thoughtworks, Porsche introduced agile work practices such as daily stand-ups, show cases, the use of continuous integration and continuous deployment, and high test coverage for the digital product teams. This generated direct added value for Porsche, as product goals are set and the responsibility for meeting them is transferred to the product teams. 


Working in an agile and iterative manner with customer-focus at the center of all they do, Porsche can validate hypotheses for the creation of new products directly with the customer. The result - digital products that customers really need and want, which is the future of sports cars.

Together with Thoughtworks we created personalized experiences across all touchpoints for our customers, fans and Porsche enthusiasts.
My Porsche’ Portfolio Member about the partnership with Thoughtworks

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