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Unlock the full capability of your engineering organization


With software increasingly embedded in all that we do, technology remains the driving force for competitive advantage across all industries. Despite the rapidly rising cost of, and demand for, engineering talent, most organizations are seeing diminishing productivity and value creation from their engineering organizations. 


To successfully deliver on customers’ expectations and build products that delight, leaders must invest in building an empowered, productive, and efficient development workforce. Prioritizing developer effectiveness through streamlined tools, systems, and governance accelerates time to value and frees up engineers for innovation. 


We leverage 25+ years of experience in architecture best practices, engineering and platform capability development, and successful talent strategies, to embed modern and scalable practices and tools in your organization. 



Leverage our resources to drive effectiveness at scale


Today, enterprise success is largely dependent on the success of large digital transformation programs. These initiatives often fail due to divisional silos and the misalignment between business objectives and the engineering culture required to achieve them.


We help your developers turn complexity into sanity, leveraging a toolbox of assets and frameworks to address these challenges and to create a frictionless experience. Some of the frequent resources we use include:


  • Backstage, an open-source platform for building developer portals (a collaboration with Spotify)


  • Polaris, a tool-assisted consulting framework which ensures transformation programs thrive using engineering fitness metrics of quality and productivity


  • NEO, our in-house self-service developer experience portal that unifies and streamlines platform capabilities to improve the effectiveness of our internal developers


  • X-Act, an assessment, evaluation and remediation framework for enterprise systems

We also utilize productivity accelerators, including Microservices starter kits and Architecture pattern reference implementations, so that your teams can hit the ground running.


Neo: Our award-winning developer portal 


We know how important it is to build a platform that allows engineers to innovate and focus on delivering business value. That's why we put our money where our mouth is and developed the Network Enabled Organization (NEO) development portal, to streamline and organize the development process.


Our award-winning platform has sped up the application development process, from idea to outcome on average 30% faster by automating many of the common and complex development tasks that need to be performed.  


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