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Published: Jul 08, 2014
Last Updated: Nov 07, 2016
Nov 2016

We have been prompted to reconsider Elm because of the rapid adoption of Redux framework. Elm—the original inspiration for Redux—offers the view componentization and reactiveness of React.js along with the predictable state of Redux in a compiled, strongly typed functional language. Elm is written in Haskell and has a Haskell-like syntax but compiles down to HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the browser. JavaScript programmers rushing to embrace React.js and Redux might want to also consider Elm as a type-safe alternative for some applications.

Apr 2016
Jul 2014
Elm is a functional programming language that is used to build web based user interfaces in a functional reactive style. Elm is strongly statically typed and built on the Haskell platform. Elm has a Haskell-like syntax but compiles down to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While still in its very early days, individuals and teams interested in exploring highly interactive web-based GUIs should look into this interesting little language.