Redefining toll-free calls.

Uxin is a leading voice over IP (VoIP) service provider in Shenzhen, China. Its mission is to provide the best VoIP experience, as well as forming a wonderful ecosystem with the power of Internet and technology. Uxin aims to redefine the telecom industry by making user experience the core for all its business and design.

They chose ThoughtWorks as a partner to reform the experience of their flagship app. The app is the door to most services of Uxin, providing voice calling, social networking, domestic service booking and other occasions where calls need to be made.

The best user experience is to be supported by a robust design process. By incorporating the ideas from business, technology and design teams, as well as qualitative research with users and customer services reps, the design team created several business models, which ultimately became the complete app design.

ThoughtWorks has given us some really good start-up methodologies, the most impressive one is the "lean-startup".
— Shu Qi, Vice President of Uxin

With the power of the Inception process - a process used by ThoughtWorks to kickstart a project - Uxin was able to have a new design delivered in 6 weeks. This design also includes a style guideline, which acts as a base for the future design iterations.

The updated Uxin app is now available on all major app markets, providing free high quality VoIP experience to netizens.

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