Cutting-edge collaborations between Thoughtworks and groundbreaking artists

A new approach to technology research

At Thoughtworks, we incubate artists researching emerging technologies and investigating their implications for business, culture and society. Engagements with artists generate crucial insights and drive innovation for our consultants, our partners and our clients, as explained by Thoughtworks Arts director Andrew McWilliams in his TED talk.

Beyond Human

Will technology fundamentally redefine our physiology? Working with Thoughtworks, artist Neil Harbisson explores new forms of human sensory organs.

Hardware Hack Lab

A weekly gathering of technologists, creatives and entrepreneurs, sharing access to new hardware and devices for exchange and experimentation


A high-impact incubator, 'colliding' together teams of practitioners from different fields for creative research and development of prototypes

Thoughtworks Arts Residency

An in-depth residency for artists working with emerging technologies and investigating their impacts on industry, culture and society

Emotion and AI

How do our emotions drive our actions? Artist Karen Palmer creates new facial sentiment analysis prototypes with Thoughtworks AI developers.

Data and Identity

How will a new era of genetic information transform society? Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg investigates the reverse-engineering of DNA with Thoughtworks.

Robotics and Movement

What is the future of human-robot interaction? Artist Catie Cuan works with Thoughtworks developers, initiating new movement perception research.

Thoughtworks Arts regularly develops new projects and research in emerging tech, working with cutting-edge artists. To stay up-to-date, follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter.