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Última actualización : Apr 05, 2016
Not on the current edition
This blip is not on the current edition of the Radar. If it was on one of the last few editions it is likely that it is still relevant. If the blip is older it might no longer be relevant and our assessment might be different today. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the bandwidth to continuously review blips from previous editions of the Radar Understand more
Apr 2016
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We firmly believe that long-lived version-control branches harm valuable engineering practices such as continuous integration, and this belief underlies our dislike for Gitflow. We love the flexibility of Git underneath but abhor tools that encourage bad engineering practices. Very short-lived branches hurt less, but most teams we see using Gitflow feel empowered to abuse its branch-heavy workflow, which encourages late integration (therefore discouraging true continuous integration).

Nov 2015
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Publicado : Nov 10, 2015

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