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Your team, your work, one board.

At your standup and throughout the day, see at a glance who’s working on what, and reassign owners on the fly. Easily tag work as urgent, blocked, or whatever else is important to your team. Even send messages to each other or decompose work into smaller tasks right from the board.

Change is a good thing.

Our pre-made templates for scrum, kanban, and agile are just the beginning. After that, it’s up to you! You can have as many custom card types and card properties as you want. Made a mistake? No problem. Fix it fast with drag-and-drop columns, cards, and avatars. If you’re working with multiple teams, Mingle lets them work their way while still giving you access to cross-project visibility and forecasting.

Project reporting
made easy.

No matter your workflow, Mingle provides both basic and
not-so-basic project management reports at your fingertips, like burn-ups and cycle time reporting. No set-up — and especially, NO EXCEL — needed! But, for you overachievers out there, we also give you the option to create your own custom reports using
our Mingle Query Language.

We’re all here to help.

You're never just a transaction to us. Whether it’s our product manager emailing an answer to your support question, or the sales team helping you onboard, we all pitch in to make sure you’re happy. We hope our fast response times and personal attention (from a real person!) will make all the difference to you.

Our Customers


I especially love the flexibility of the product: it is Mingle adapting to my team instead of my team adapting to Mingle.

- Mario Yanez Zarandon,
Product Manager

After almost a year of using Mingle I can truly say that we are happy we made the switch to a single tool and look forward to continued growth and learning through its use.

- Tonya Mompoint,
Team Lead

Given the flexibility Mingle offers, this is by far the best project management tool that I have used so far.

- Carsten Saathoff,
Expert Software Engineer

I use and recommend Mingle because it allows you to customize the workflow to your needs. I highly recommend it so check it out and see if it can help you with your next project.

- Michael Cameron,
Game Development

Mingle and @goforcd give us room to innovate rather than burn valuable time on convoluted project management.

- Ian Longley,
Lead Software Architect

My favorite features are locked headers, the ability to add colorful tags to cards, and murmurs. Mingle does the work to make sure when we go into those stories we are on the same page!

- Rebecca Jensen,
Project Manager