17 Jul 2014

Implantações Canário

Danilo Sato

20 Jun 2014

Mudança Paralela

Danilo Sato

10 Jun 2014

Discutindo Devops na Prática

Danilo Sato

6 Jun 2014

The State of DevOps

Jez Humble

4 Jun 2014

5 Steps to Reboot your Enterprise with CD

John Kordyback

24 May 2014

How We Moved to the Cloud

Sudhindra Rao

7 May 2014

Continuous Deployment of a Static Website to AWS with SnapCI

Danilo Sato

30 Apr 2014

Continuous Delivery Cannot Succeed Without Business Analysts

Jenny Wong

30 Apr 2014

Monitoring a Build with Bias Lighting

Marco Valtas

15 Apr 2014

Doing Continuous Delivery with Legacy Systems

John Kordyback

2 Apr 2014

CD and the Executive

Luca Minudel and Kief Morris

25 Mar 2014

Não existe Equipe de DevOps

Jez Humble

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