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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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FEB 2015
2 FEBBerlinGermanyParagora!
3 FEBBerlinGermanyParagora!
3 FEBNew YorkUnited StatesHCx3DP Meetup NY: Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing = Synergies
4 FEBBerlinGermanyWomen's Cryptodinner
5 FEBBerlinGermanyStartie!
5 FEBMelbourneAustraliaMonthly FMUG Meetup
5 FEBLondonUnited KingdomCelebrate our new London Home
6 FEBBerlinGermanyCryptoparty!
10 FEBMelbourneAustraliaAgile PO and BA meetup - Alistair Cockburn reckons you can't split stories small enough
16 FEBBerlinGermanyTechnologies of Value; Digital media and the new conditions of economic participation
20 FEBKampalaUgandaTech Radar
24 FEBPorto AlegreBrazil1º Encontro - Entrega Contínua Porto Alegre
28 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesAlterConf
28 FEBBerlinGermanyHardware Hacking with Spahn and Pussinen