Always sharing

Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

JUL 2014
12 JULNew YorkUnited StatesNano Hacker Squad
12 JULSan FranciscoUnited StatesNano Hacker Squad
12 JULChicagoBlack Girls CODE - Mobile App Development with AppInventor
14 JULBerlinGermanyElasticsearch ELK Hackathon
15 JULAtlantaAtlanta Selenium/Watir WebDriver Meet-Up: When Cukes Go Sour
15 JULNew YorkUnited StatesWebgrrls
15 JULSingaporeSingaporeRuby group meetup
16 JULWebinarUnited StatesPutting Continuous Delivery in Practice with Go
16 JULBerlinCryptoParty!
17 JULBerlinGermanySouth Sudan Deep Dive
17 JULAtlantaSoftware Testing Club Atlanta - Whole Team Testing
18 JULNew YorkUnited StatesInspire Action with Jennifer van der Meer
18 JULBerlinCryptoParty!
19 JULBerlinGermanyManifest-Wochenende
19 JULRecifeBrazilEstaremos no XXXIV Encontro do Python User Group de Pernambuco!
20 JULBerlinGermanyManifest-Wochenende
21 JULNew YorkUnited StatesLGBTQ Surveillance & Censorship
21 JULBerlinGermanyBlockchain Research Group
21 JULSan FranciscoGraph Visualization with Linkurious
22 JULKampalaUgandaGeekNight Kampala
22 JULSan FranciscoClojure Dojo
23 JULBerlinGermanyWerkschau
23 JULSan FranciscoSecureDrop Hack Night
23 JULNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
24 JULSan FranciscoUnited StatesFlowCon Night - Learning From Failure
24 JULNew YorkUnited StatesShark Tank Edu with iZone
24 JULChicagoUnited StatesWomen's DIY Series: Build a Dynamic Web App with AngularJS
24 JULGurgaonIndiaScala Workshop
25 JULNew YorkUnited StatesInspire Action
26 JULNew YorkUnited StatesCoder Dojo
26 JULJohannesburgSouth AfricaCoded In Braam
28 JULBerlinGermanyHardware Materiality Research Group
30 JULNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
30 JULBerlinGermanyWerkschau
AUG 2014
1 AUGBerlinGermanyCryptoparty!
7 AUGGurgaonIndiaConverge
8 AUGKampalaUgandaTechnology Radar
8 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesInspire Action with Andrew Yang
11 AUGJohannesburgAgile Africa
18 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesGay Tech Meetup NYC
SEP 2014
6 SEPRio de JaneiroBrazilEstaremos no Scrum Gathering Rio!
OCT 2014
8 OCTJohannesburgSouth AfricaTech4Africa
NOV 2014
10 NOVNew YorkUnited StatesGeeks Without Bounds Workshop
11 NOVNew YorkUnited StatesGeeks Without Bounds Workshop