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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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MAY 2015
25 MAYJohannesburgSouth AfricaTest-driven Infrastructure
26 MAYKampalaUgandaGeek Night Kampala
26 MAYManchesterUnited KingdomLadies Who Code - OWASP Top Ten Proactive Controls
26 MAYSydneyAustraliaTechnology Radar Roadshow
27 MAYDallasUnited StatesAnsible Meetup
27 MAYDallasUnited StatesThoughtWorks Executive Event - Innovate at Scale
27 MAYNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
27 MAYMelbourneAustraliaGovHack: Mapping and Data Manipulation
27 MAYNew YorkUnited StatesInaugural Write Speak Code Meetup at DevBootcamp
28 MAYNew YorkUnited StatesYeSQL: Battling the NoSQL Hype Cycle with Postgres (+beer, drinks, swag, food)
28 MAYBrisbaneAustraliaTechnology Radar Roadshow
28 MAYDallasUnited StatesElasticsearch Meetup
28 MAYBerlinGermanyAndroid Recreational Tinkering
28 MAYAtlantaUnited StatesThoughtWorks Executive Event - Innovate at Scale
29 MAYHo Chi MinhViet NamRegional SCRUM Gathering Vietnam 2015
30 MAYJohannesburgSouth AfricaQA In Braam
30 MAYGuayaquilEcuadorAgile Express Guayaquil
30 MAYSingaporeSingaporeSingapore Code-A-Thon 2015
31 MAYHo Chi MinhViet NamThoughtWorks Hiring Bootcamp
JUN 2015
2 JUNMelbourneAustraliaXX+UX Melbourne
2 JUNTorontoCanadaThoughtWorks Executive Event - Innovate at Scale
2 JUNNew YorkUnited States#PoweredByHer Platform Launch
3 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesLean Enterprise Book Tour with Barry O'Reilly & Joanne Molesky
3 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesThoughtWorks Executive Event - Innovate at Scale
3 JUNDallasUnited StatesGeeknight Meetup
3 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
4 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesPetascale Key Value Stores and App Driven Analytics
4 JUNChicagoUnited StatesThoughtWorks Executive Event - Innovate at Scale
4 JUNJohannesburgSouth AfricaTech Radar Talk
4 JUNAtlantaUnited StatesAtlanta Latino Tech Group
4 JUNSingaporeSingaporeRedDotRuby
6 JUNBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
6 JUNPuneIndiaInnovations in Testing - vodQA Pune
6 JUNAtlantaUnited StatesNational Day of Civic Hacking
9 JUNSanta ClaraUnited StatesThe Future High Performance Enterprise
9 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesSoftware Craftsmanship Meetup
11 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesAgile Big Data: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Evolve with On-Demand Schemas
13 JUNNew YorkUnited StatesCoder Dojo NYC Maker Party
16 JUNSingaporeSingaporeCloud Foundry Meetup
17 JUNSydneyAustraliaAgile Australia 2015
17 JUNSydneyAustraliaThoughtWorks Open House - Agile Australia
17 JUNSingaporeSingaporePyCon SG 2015
30 JUNKampalaUgandaGeek Night Kampala
JUL 2015
3 JULBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
7 JULHamburgGermanyXConf
9 JULManchesterUnited KingdomXConf
28 JULKampalaUgandaGeek Night Kampala
JAN 2016
15 JANBerlinGermanyUnicorns in Tech Meetup