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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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MAR 2015
26 MARSingaporeSingaporePython User Group - March Meetup
26 MARBerlinGermanyAndroid Fundamentals Study Group
26 MARSão PauloBrazilPrincípios de Micro-Serviços com Sam Newman na USP
27 MARSão PauloBrazilQCon SPKeynote: Microservices, an unexpected journey: where they came from, where they're going
28 MARGurgaonIndia"Behaviour Driven Testing" - vodQA Gurgaon
28 MARJohannesburgSouth AfricaCoded In Braam
28 MARSingaporeSingaporeRails Girls
28 MARBeijingChinaOpenPartyBeijing
29 MARBeijingChinaThe 15th BQConf
30 MARNew YorkUnited StatesWomen Who Code: Front-End Dev Study Group (Javascript+JS Frameworks)
31 MARTweet JamUnited StatesDrive Innovation with the Right Skills
31 MARKampalaUgandaGeek Night Kampala
31 MARManchesterUnited KingdomMake It Happen
31 MARHamburgGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
31 MARNew YorkUnited StatesTech Salon: What is the Role of Wearables in Aid and Development?
APR 2015
1 APRNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
2 APRAtlantaUnited StatesAtlanta Latino Tech Group: Managing Front-End Dependencies with Bower & Gulp
2 APRPhiladelphiaUnited StatesPhiladelphia Junto Meetup
2 APRPuneIndiaGeek Night
2 APRBerlinGermanyAndroid Fundamentals Study Group
6 APRNew YorkUnited StatesWomen Who Code: Front-End Dev Study Group (Javascript+JS Frameworks)
7 APRNew YorkUnited StatesMicroservices Meetup NYC
7 APRChicagoUnited StatesChicagoRuby: Downtown - Containerized Ruby Applications with Docker
8 APRNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
9 APRBerlinGermanyAndroid Fundamentals Study Group
9 APRChicagoUnited StatesMongoDB April Meetup
10 APRBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
11 APRChicagoUnited StatesRails Girls
13 APRNew YorkUnited StatesWomen Who Code: Front-End Dev Study Group (Javascript+JS Frameworks)
13 APRPhiladelphiaUnited StatesThe Imaginary App Book Launch
14 APRChicagoUnited StatesOkta User Group Chicago
14 APRAtlantaUnited StatesWomen Who Code Monthly Meet-Up
14 APRSão PauloBrazilUma manhã com Martin Fowler: Software no Século 21
16 APRBerlinGermanyAndroid Fundamentals Study Group
17 APRQuitoEcuadorRegional Scrum Gathering Ecuador 2015
18 APRMaceióBrazilEstaremos no Alagoas DevDay
21 APRPhiladelphiaUnited StatesTechnical Testing Techniques - Philly Tech Week
21 APRPhiladelphiaUnited StatesAgile Requirements Management
25 APRBangaloreIndiavodQA - "Expanding the Perimeters of Testing"
28 APRMünchenGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
29 APRKölnGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
MAY 2015
8 MAYBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
9 MAYBerlinGermanyBuild your own synthesizer
30 MAYGuayaquilEcuadorAgile Express Guayaquil
JUN 2015
6 JUNBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
JUL 2015
3 JULBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
JAN 2016
15 JANBerlinGermanyUnicorns in Tech Meetup