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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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FEB 2015
26 FEBSydneyAustraliaWomen Who Code: Introduction to Golang
26 FEBBerlinGermanyMRGN Morning MeetUp
27 FEBDallasUnited StatesLesbians Who Tech Summit
28 FEBBerlinGermanyHardware Hacking with Spahn and Pussinen
28 FEBCuencaEcuadorAgile Express
28 FEBAtlantaUnited StatesAlterConf
MAR 2015
3 MARManchesterUnited KingdomManchester Geek Nights
3 MARBerlinGermanyRailsGirls
4 MARWebinarUnited StatesFinancing Alternatives in Software Delivery with Joanne Molesky
5 MARPorto de Galinhas, PEBrazilTW participa do Tropical Ruby
5 MARNew YorkUnited StatesWAM Ventures Forum: Women Game-Changers Lead!
6 MARBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
6 MARSydneyAustraliaRails Girls
6 MARDallasUnited StatesMVPMix Conference
7 MARPerthAustraliaPerth Web Girls
10 MARHamburgGermanyInternational Women's Day celebration
10 MARBerlinGermanyRailsGirls
11 MARDallasUnited StatesMicroservices in the Enterprise
14 MARLojaEcuadorAgile Express
19 MARWebinarUnited StatesRunning Agile Programs at Scale with Jez Humble
19 MARLondonUnited KingdomLondon Apple Admins Meetup
24 MARManchesterUnited KingdomTechnology Radar Briefing
24 MARJohannesburgSouth AfricaIT Web Software Development Management Summit
25 MARLondonUnited KingdomTechnology Radar Briefing
25 MARWebinarUnited StatesBlow Up the Business Case with Barry O'Reilly
27 MARSão PauloBrazilQCon SPKeynote: Microservices, an unexpected journey: where they came from, where they're going
28 MARJohannesburgSouth AfricaCoded In Braam
31 MARHamburgGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
APR 2015
10 APRBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
17 APRQuitoEcuadorRegional Scrum Gathering Ecuador 2015
28 APRMünchenGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
29 APRKölnGermanyTechnology Radar Briefing und Diskussion
MAY 2015
8 MAYBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
JUN 2015
6 JUNBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
JUL 2015
3 JULBerlinGermanyCryptoParty
JAN 2016
15 JANBerlinGermanyUnicorns in Tech Meetup