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Knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. We believe in sharing what we learn, and regularly hold and participate in thought-leadership events across the world.

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JUL 2014
28 JULBerlinGermanyHardware Materiality Research Group
28 JULNew YorkUnited StatesThe Student Dream presents "Boss Talk" with Alicia Glenn
28 JULChicagoUnited StatesIntentional Inclusivity
29 JULSan FranciscoUnited StatesSwift Code Golf
29 JULbeijingChinaOpen House 2014
30 JULBerlinGermanyWerkschau
30 JULRecifeBrazilEstaremos na QA night Recife Julho!
30 JULNew YorkUnited StatesHardware Hack Lab
31 JULBerlinGermanyMRGN
31 JULShanghaiChinaTopGeek沙龙:如何把公司改造成一个颇具适应性、灵活性的“精益企业”
31 JULNew YorkUnited StatesThe Lean Code Challenge
AUG 2014
1 AUGBerlinGermanyCryptoparty!
1 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesCreativity in Building a World Collective
2 AUGShenzhenChinaBarry中国行-深圳站:如何把公司改造成一个颇具适应性、灵活性的“精益企业”
5 AUGBeijingChinaBarry中国行-北京站:如何把公司改造成一个颇具适应性、灵活性的“精益企业”
6 AUGBerlinGermanyWerkschau
7 AUGGurgaonIndiaConverge
8 AUGKampalaUgandaTechnology Radar
8 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesInspire Action with Andrew Yang
9 AUGSan FranciscoUnited StatesTDD for Beginners
11 AUGBerlinGermanyBlockchain Research Group
11 AUGJohannesburgAgile Africa
13 AUGBerlinGermanySCREENING: Mortgaged Lives
14 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesPecha Kucha Brooklyn Powered by #ThoughtWorksNYC
14 AUGPorto AlegreBrazilEstaremos recebendo o curso de Extreme Agile!
14 AUGSan FranciscoUnited StatesSwift SF: Converting Objective-C Code to Swift
15 AUGPuneIndiaAgile Developer Bootcamp @ ThoughtWorks Pune (4 Days Open Training Course)
18 AUGNew YorkUnited StatesGay Tech Meetup NYC
18 AUGBerlinGermanyDigital Materiality Research Group
19 AUGSan FranciscoUnited StatesTech Radar SF
SEP 2014
2 SEPNew YorkUnited StatesThe 10 Most Common Pitfalls of Agile Adoption
6 SEPRio de JaneiroBrazilEstaremos no Scrum Gathering Rio!
13 SEPBeijingChinaIDDD Workshop
23 SEPRio de JaneiroBrazilEstaremos no QCon Rio
OCT 2014
8 OCTJohannesburgSouth AfricaTech4Africa
NOV 2014
10 NOVNew YorkUnited StatesGeeks Without Bounds Workshop
11 NOVNew YorkUnited StatesGeeks Without Bounds Workshop