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Leading travel site builds a platform for the future

Staying a step ahead led to embrace Agile and ThoughtWorks to deliver rapid innovation with high responsiveness. Mingle and Go enabled to not only maximize Return On Investment (ROI) from Agile, but to optimally scale it, to what has now become one of the largest-known Agile projects with over 350 people worldwide.

The Challenge

  • The scale of the project, is the UK’s leading travel website with 14+ million transactions.
  • High traffic volumes make it critical for the web application to cost-effectively respond to rapid business changes.
  • Issues were integrating and testing different components, and collating status reports.
  • Release anxiety fuelled by complex integrations, and dependencies in a code base that was being developed by over 350 people in 2 time zones.
  • Builds were time-consuming, broke too often, and were difficult to debug.

How did Mingle and Go help?

  • Within a quarter, Mingle enhanced visibility with customized role-based dashboards, real-time reports, and virtual Story walls.
  • Mingle’s interface enabled the huge distributed team to do the impossible – collaborate effectively and easily.
  • The team created single, fully automated, deployment solution that ran 28 builds in parallel. This drastically reduced the feedback time to just 20 minutes.
  • Go’s scalable cloud architecture enabled robust scaling with optimized infrastructure consolidation, which led to huge cost savings.

The Results

  • Nothing tells a success story better than numbers:
  • Mingle and Go enabled release of tested functionality every 6 weeks.
  • It increased test coverage by 30%
  • It decreased build feedback time by 77%

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