Automated Testing

Evolve Test Suites and Reduce Effort

Twist tackles the biggest problems that prevent most companies from building an automated regression suite that can keep pace with their complex changing application. Twist helps teams create maintainable, understandable test suites while providing a bridge from manual to automated testing..

Business Language Tests

Tell a testing story.

Make every team member an owner in the testing process. Twist’s easy to read testing language invites developers, testers and executives alike to author and review results in plain English.

Any-App Capability

Automate it all.

Don’t neglect testing because your app is complex. Twist automates testing for all types of apps, including web, desktop, mobile— even databases and web services.

Streamlined Authoring

Build and adapt. Fast.

Test writing should never get in the way of forward progress. That’s why Twist is packed with time-saving touches for managing lengthy and shifting software requirements.

Collaborative Testing

Test as a team.

Sophisticated teams have multiple members testing all the time. Twist applies version control and shared libraries to minimize interruptions so everyone can test on their terms.


Software Testing

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