Go is a critical piece of your infrastructure

We get that. We are committed to providing world-class support for Go users in the enterprise.

Our support team

ThoughtWorks is a key innovator in Continuous Delivery and the original creators of Go. Our team includes both a global, world-class support staff and many core committers to the Go.cd project. We are uniquely positioned to provide the best support possible in your use of Go.

What you get with paid support

  • Access to our support team
  • Unlimited support cases per month
  • Access to core committers to the Go.cd project
  • Notifications on all bug fixes and security patches
  • Notifications on all updates and upgrades of Go Help with installation of patches and upgrades

Higher performance database

Go's OSS distribution uses an embedded database. That's great for getting started. But, if you need to scale beyond a few teams and several pipelines, our PostgreSQL plugin gives you the performance upgrade necessary for hundreds of pipelines and agents. We recommend PostgreSQL for critical deployments. Read more about PostgreSQL.


How you will work with us.

You can contact our support team with whatever method you prefer email, phone, web portal.


Initial Target Response Times

We are committed to responding to your support issues as quickly as possible.
Your ticket will be serviced based on the severity of your issue.
  • Urgent severity issues - 2 business hours
  • High severity issues - 4 business hours
  • Normal severity issues - 8 business hours
  • Low severity issues - 8 business hours
Number of Pipelines Support pricing, per year, USD*
1 - 100 $5,000
101 - 500 $25,000
500+ Contact Us
Thoughtworks Support Services General Terms


Questions regarding paid support?

If you have any questions get in touch directly with our sales team by calling any of our offices or via email at studios@thoughtworks.com

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