Portrait of Aaron Swartz

Today we at ThoughtWorks mourn the passing of Aaron Swartz. We've been inspired by his long-term passion for technology and social reform and humbled by his talent and his courage as a colleague, a mentor, and a friend.

Aaron joined us here in New York in April 2012. He was a leader, most recently of a team building campaigning software for grass-roots political movements, and a prodigiously talented programmer. He was committed to the ideals of free speech, social justice, and free and open-source software. Aaron worked passionately to provide people everywhere with a lever big enough to move the world.

We express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. The world is a diminished place for his passing.

To read commentary by family and friends of Aaron, you can visit the memorial blog which has been set up for him at

By ThoughtWorks