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Senior Cloud Database Administrator

Bucharest, Romania

Cloud Data Infrastructure Engineers take a multifaceted approach to helping clients achieve technical excellence by assessing challenges from both a technical and operational perspective. As consummate ‘bringers of knowledge,' they take extra care to ensure their team and client understand operational requirements and take a shared responsibility for designing and implementing infrastructure that delivers and runs software services. They also help customers adopt a DevOps mindset, breaking away from rigid, more traditional ways of working and pivoting to a more customer-focused and agile approach.

Job responsibilities

  • Operate our AWS Data Infrastructure composed of different services like RDS aurora (MySQL and PostgreSQL), Redshift, DynamoDB.
  • Support developers using database best practices as well as doing workload analysis and performance tuning.
  • Collaborate with Developers and Architecture teams from the start of every project.
  • Maintain an up-to-date documentation. Perform scheduled maintenances.
  • We embrace the motto “Everything fails all the time”, so prepare for it when it arrives, with performance testing, regular chaos engineering and graceful degradation.

Job qualifications

Technical skills

  • You are pragmatic, open-minded, autonomous, and efficient.
  • You have strong experience with containerized environments.
  • You have strong experience with the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.
  • You have strong experience with continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines You have experience with large scale, complex distributed systems.

Our technical environment:

Amazon Web Services: RDS, DynamoDB, AWS Backup, AWS Lambda, Athena, QuickSight, Lambda, SQS, Cloudfront, Cognito, ApiGateway, etc

Monitoring with Datadog, Rollbar,

Sentry Code: Gitlab & Gitlab CI

IaC: Terraform, Cloudformation

Various datastores : Aurora MySQL & PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, S3

Containerization: Docker and K8S


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Job Details

Country: Romania
City: Bucharest
Date Posted: 05-17-2022
Industry: Information Technology
Employment Type: Regular

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