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XConf Online Highlights

It's Different with Data:

Em Grasmeder, Senior Developer & Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist

The fundamental question of who or what a data scientist actually is, and what they should be doing, remains largely undecided. There are a number of tools and techniques that every data scientist should have in their tool belt. Many of these tools will be familiar to traditional computer scientists. But practitioners of both fields often have a hard time seeing how the other side lives. In this session we will discuss the ways data changes things: starting from development and strategy, then expanding outwards.

Don't cross the Rubicon:

Manasi Kulkarni, Lead Consultant

As a tech leader at ThoughtWorks, a large part of my job involves recommending practices to our clients so they can build and deliver good quality software faster. In doing so I have created a toolkit that contains practical advice from being on the ground. When Julius Caesar entered Rome with his army by crossing the river Rubicon, he did something that couldn’t be undone ever again. In your journey as a leader, avoid mistakes that are difficult to correct later. Here are a set of practices that you want to adopt as soon as possible.

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XConf 2019

Highlights video: XConf 2019

In July 2019, ThoughtWorks XConf was hosted in Manchester, Munich and Barcelona. XConf gives you direct access to a diverse range of ThoughtWorks senior technologists working on our clients’ most complex challenges. This year was packed with talks and discussions on Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Security and Kotlin.

Stories Every Developer Should Know: Neal Ford, Director

The history of engineering, including software projects, contains rich lessons that we risk repeating. This session recounts a variety of stories of projects that failed…and why. Each story tells of a mistaken interpretation of some architectural fundamental principle and the consequences – some good, some less so. I also look at the common threads for these stories, which resonates with problems many companies have but don’t realize.

XConf 2018

Highlights video: XConf 2018

Taking place over three days in three fantastic European cities, XConf EU 2018 was packed with talks, discussions and networking. As ever, hands-on technology was at the top of the agenda with ThoughtWorkers and guest speakers taking our community through a wide range of front-line technology topics such as Evolutionary Architecture, FrontEndOps and Microservices.

Building Evolutionary Architectures: Rebecca Parsons, CTO

This talk, based on the book Building Evolutionary Architectures co-authored by Rebecca and Neal Ford, investigates how to build evolvable systems. The software development ecosystem exists in a state of dynamic equilibrium, where any new tool, framework or technique leads to disruption and the establishment of a new equilibrium.

XConf 2017

Highlights video: XConf 2017

XConf provides a platform for passionate technologists who are looking for inspiration and a chance to network with their peers. This edition of XConf saw talks on Serverless Architecture for an IoT Solution, Infrastructure Design Patterns, Observable Microservices and much more.

All Roads Lead to DevOps:

Erik Dörnenburg

The devops movement started ~5 years ago and only a small number of innovative organisations took interest. Watch Erik's talk to unearth "what devops means" and why sooner or later all successful organisations will move to a DevOps model.

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