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Tech Titans


By ThoughtWorks Ventures

We help audacious, fast growing startups guarantee that their technology platform can meet their ambitious growth objectives.

Dealing with Growth 

According to the 2016 ScaleUp Survey, 82% of scaleup leaders say that finding the right tech talent remains one of the top three issues that prevent them from achieving their growth targets. As startups often need to make rapid changes and directional shifts to their technology platform, it is much harder to source technologists that would have the right skills to support future changes.

Scale without losing flexibility

ThoughtWorks has 25+ years of no nonsense technology, for some of the world's fastest growing companies. We accelerate your time to market and help you build the right product in weeks, not months. We take care of anything technology, including scalable digital platform architectures, data strategy and implementation, and rapid app development.

ThoughtWorks help Innit bring the future of food to life

Innit is a food technology startup on a mission to empower humanity through food and make the world a better, healthier place. Their connected food platform links food, nutrition information, appliances, grocers, QSRs, and even lifestyle brands to reimagine the way we buy, store, prepare and cook food. ThoughtWorks helped Innit build the connected food platform, and bring the connected kitchen concept to life at PIRCH store in New York, in just 5 months.

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