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Unity in diversity: micro front-ends for mobile

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This webinar has ended. Thank you to everyone who joined us. If you didn't manage to join us, feel free to watch the recording of the webinar here.

Wednesday June 24th | 7:00 PM (TH) | 8:00 pm (SG)

In this talk, we will discuss:

- What is micro frontend architecture and why it is necessary to gain the full benefit of microservices architecture

- How micro frontend in mobile is distinct from micro frontend for web

- What type of project should make use of micro frontend architecture for mobile and trade-off associated

- Patterns and techniques of micro frontends for mobile that we have gathered from real live large-scale mobile projects

Microservices Architecture has been one of the biggest architectural breakthroughs in the past decade which enables developers to create scalable and adaptable large scale software. Although microservices is deemed by many as the solution that addresses issues emerging from monolith architecture, it is unfortunately not a complete solution as it tends to encourage a monolith frontend architecture which dilutes the benefit of implementing microservices in the first place. In the past few years, many technology practitioners have introduced micro frontend architecture as the counterpart for microservices and shared techniques and patterns which allow micro frontends to be more commonly implemented in the industry. Less discussion about this has been done in the world of mobile development. 

Meet Your Speaker

Angie is a full-stack developer with Thoughtworks with a particular focus on mobile development. She has worked on a myriad of mobile application projects for various clients, ranging from emerging start-up to established corporation and on both native (iOS, Android) and hybrid (React Native, Flutter) platforms. Beyond development, she sees her work as creating synergy within a cross-functional team to help clients solve the most complicated business challenges through software.