ThoughtWorks Live India Event 2017
ThoughtWorks Live India Event 2017

On 12 October 2017, over 100 guests convened at Taj West End in Bangalore to discuss everything that a visionary leader could and should do, to stay in charge of their business’s disruptive narrative.

Leadership in the Era of Digital Disruption

This year's theme at ThoughtWorks Live dealt with leadership in the era of dynamic change. Successful businesses of the future are always going to be led by courageous executives who embrace digital at their core and help their organisations adapt to change, calibrate and stay nimble.

ThoughtWorks Live is a flagship invitation-only conference for senior business executives. Live aims to challenge and influence decision makers, standing at the cusp, where business and technology meet.

Talks from the conference

Leadership In The Era of Disruption

Sudhir Tiwari

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks India

Today’s businesses spar with both, traditional competition and aggressive movers from the most unlikely of places. This is possible because of rampant digital 'intrusion.' Sudhir further discusses three key factors that are unique to India and are disrupting the subcontinent's market like never before.

Keynote: Leading in Disruptive Times

Siddharth (Sid) Pai

Technology Consultant and Managing Partner


Accelerating pace of change and disruptive technologies have crunched time and space. India is witnessing true digital innovation every single day and businesses are reeling from it. Taking from personal experience, Sid discusses new age capabilities, the mask of command and personal attributes that helped him manage and lead through uncertainties.

The Future is Messy

Sagar Paul

Director of Client Services and Strategy, ThoughtWorks India

Dan McClure

Innovation Design Lead, ThoughtWorks

Innovation is neither expensive nor is it complicated. Dan and Sagar talk about how leaders can draw out and leverage the valuable innovation that's already happening in their organizations. Leaders will need to efficiently navigate the messy middle.

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Sketch Notes

ThoughtWorks is rightly positioned to help businesses not just predict but create the future. A future that makes sense of the disruptive forces of change, a future that straddles legacy and cutting-edge, a future that is here, there and everywhere around us. We present our perspectives on how digital disruption is changing the businesses landscape in India.