Webinar: Guidelines for radically remote software teams

In this webinar, we will go over the principles and mindset required for effective remote work. We will also explore how a common team ritual will change when we apply these principles so as to become effective in a remote setup.

Key takeaways: Guiding principles of successful remote work. How to apply these principles to a specific practice (retrospectives)


Akshay Dhavle

Principal Consultant - Org Culture & Future of Work

Akshay has played Business Analysis / Product Management roles as well as headed Talent Development for Thoughtworks India for the last 3 years. He now works in the space of Org culture and talent transformation for digital businesses.

Chirag Doshi

Head - Thoughtworker Growth

Chirag has played several delivery roles from development to project management for large distributed agile projects for over a decade. He currently heads initiatives related to professional growth of Thoughtworkers in India.

Webinar Recording