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As a global leader in agile software delivery, ThoughtWorks has been helping organizations transform into digital businesses for over 25 years. As we step into the era of digital ecosystems, we have created ThoughtWorks Ventures to help organizations take global megatrends from theory to strategic implementation, using technology.

Our goal is to advance social and economic growth on a global scale, by increasing cross industry and country collaboration.

Shaping the future of society

The digital revolution has shaken up the world of business, with new startups disrupting traditional industries, and creating a new exciting world for consumers.

Whilst some brands have struggled for survival in these emerging ecosystems, others have benefited from ‘co-opetition’ strategies that have helped them to grow their business. The future is set to become even more complex; with more sensors, more data and more industries colliding, organisations need to be ready to embrace that change.

There has been a lot of discussion around the megatrends that will affect the future of industry, but there is still a large gap between that future and the current state. With technology at our core, we help companies successfully accelerate their path to innovation and drive the creation of open platforms that will allow your organisation to connect into the broader ecosystem.

To maximise impact, we’ve narrowed our focus down to three interconnected megatrends:

Megatrend diagram
Megatrend diagram
The rise of China megatrends stats

The rise of China in the global economy can’t be disputed. In many categories, Chinese consumers are already the largest spenders, and Western brands are starting to shift their strategies to capture their interest and custom. Beyond the obvious commerce opportunities, China has grown out of the copycat nation status to become an innovative technology leader. Today, China is the home of some of the world’s most advanced technologies, with cities like Shenzhen attracting global attention as the world capital of hardware. Western organizations that want to accelerate their path to innovation are now looking at China for technology solutions.

Explosion of Start-ups megatrend

In 2016 we've seen an Explosion of Start-ups entering a crowded market. According to the Center for Entrepreneurs, the total number of new start-ups launched in the UK alone, has grown by 50% between 2011 and 2016. Moreover, Gust's Start-up Funding Trends 2016 states that the early-stage investor ecosystem is stronger than ever before. Whilst the number of startups launching continues to accelerate each year, the survival rates are still low. In the tech sector alone, 92% of start-ups fail before hitting 3 years. As technology startups play a vital role in promoting large scale positive change, there is an opportunity to help those inspirational start-ups increase their survival chances.

Digital Cities megatrend

Nearly every major city holds a 2020 Digital City strategy. While we have seen the perfectly designed simulation of buildings, cars, people, and public transport all centrally connected, hoping to create seamless life for people in congested urban locations, we are still seeing a major disconnect between strategy and execution. As we now have evidence that designing a master digital city plan years in advance is simply not feasible, it's time to look at digital cities from another lens, and create a new structure that can help cities accelerate innovation.

Accelerating collective success

To respond to these megatrends and help organizations navigate through the associated challenges and opportunities, we’ve designed three engagement programs that help individual companies to successfully accelerate innovation, as well as ensuring connectivity to a much wider ecosystem:

We help some of the world’s leading brands navigate China’s complex technical and digital innovation ecosystem. The ThoughtWorks Access-China Program is designed for Western brands that want to reach Chinese consumers or tap into China's advanced innovation ecosystem.

Startup Success is ThoughtWorks' bespoke programme that provides the right foundation for startups to flourish. We'll help you build out your technology, provide office space or connect you with investors and enterprises, depending on your unique needs.

The ThoughtWorks Digital Cities Initiative helps organizations see the possibilities beyond their core business, industry or geographical borders. Our 'City as a Platform' model helps these organizations come together to create a secure, open data platform that amplifies their innovation abilities.

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