Industrial ecology is the next important arena for Internet competitors, and digital technologies are the lethal tools that help them prevail. The competition in next phrase is not only about responsiveness to the market change, but also how thorough your business is reshaped. The digital technologies will inspire new business models and opportunities. In retail and banking industries, the digital platform enabled businesses are fast growing. In the connected intelligence era of 5G we are to embrace, innovative digital business models will flourish further and present us the next game changers with new business models.

ThoughtWorks Live is an executive series for selected clients, the event is held every year in Australia, Europe and China. This year we are holding the sixth ThoughtWorks Live in China, and we invite you to join the renowned global C-level guests to explore how to reshape digital business and get stronger in this Game of the Challengers.

Time & Address

September 11th, 2019

Blue Note, 23 East Qianmen Street, Beijing


13:30-14:00Sign in
14:00-14:10Global go live of ThoughtWroks Digital Fluency ModelRan Xiao, Innovation Director, ThoughtWorks
14:10-14:40Asia’s digital economies: ushering in a new era?Robert Koepp, chief economist of the Corporate Network in Hong Kong for The Economist Group
14:40-15:10How blockchain reshapes supply chain and trade financCarl Wegner, Managing Director, Head of Asia, R3 & Shangqi Liu, Head of Blockchain, ThoughtWorks
15:10-15:40Reshape Supply Chain for Business in the Digital EraYunzheng Yang, Executive Director of Lenovo Supply Chain BTIT & Kai Shi, Head of the Data and AI, ThoughtWorks China
15:40-16:10How is a Platform Thinking Forged
16:10-16:25 Tea Break
16:25-18:30Social Innovation Workshop: Kids Education Product Innovation in Underdeveloped AreaRan Xiao, Innovation Director, ThoughtWorks & Bingqin Qian, Senior User Experience Designer,ThoughtWorks
18:30-20:30 Jazz Dinner


Robert Koepp

Robert Koepp

Chief economist of the Corporate Network in Hong Kong for The Economist Group

an internationally known writer and a visiting professor for USC Marshall School of Business, he previously acted as the general manager of a CITIC Group company and senior VP of ICR.Rob has been engaged in economic research for a long time, having rich experience and industry insight in governance, finance and strategic advisory, he has been a huge help for many business leaders and their teams in tackling challenges faced in China and Asia. With experience in IT and energy industries, he held senior positions as a manager or consultant to companies and government agencies in the US, Singapore, Japan and China. 

Carl Wegner

Carl Wegner

Managing Director, Head of Asia at R3

Carl Wegner has been running the sales and operations in the APAC region for R3 since 2016. Armed with over 30 years’ experience in Asia in Cash Management, Institutional Banking, Financial Supply Chain and more recently Distributed ledger Technology, he has forged strategic alliances that has led to revenue growth and market penetration for R3.Carl’s prior experience includes holding the roles of Managing Director and Head of Global Transaction banking, Greater China of Deutsche Bank and Managing Director of Transaction 

Zhengyun Yang

Zhengyun Yang

Executive Director of Lenovo Supply Chain BTIT

Mr. Yang has 20 years working experience in Supply Chain IT and has been ever present in Lenovo history of informatization, internationalization and the on-going digital transformation process. His focus is to build a global data analysis platform for Lenovo Supply Chain and drive intelligent digital operations for the BU.

Mystery Guest

Jian Wang

Jian Wang

Lead consultant and Enterprise Architect, ThoughtWorks China

Jian has more than 10 years of experiences in large-scale enterprise software design and development and currently focuses on enterprise platform transformation, micro-service architecture and implementation, large-scale legacy system servitization transformation. Jian's core passion is technology and always enjoy the joy of coding and sharing in various communities.

Shangqi Liu

Shangqi Liu

Member of ThoughtWorks Advisory Board, Head of Blockchain, ThoughtWorks China

Head of Blockchain at ThoughtWorks China. Shangqi has provided technology consulting and software delivery services to clients in the automotive, financial, telecome, healthcare industries. As a technical consultant, he help to design system architecture, evaluate technology, refactor large-scale legacy system. Shangqi is passionate about technologies like blockchain, distributed computing, microservice architecture, domain modeling, and legacy system refactoring. His geek passion is to decentralize everything.

Kai Shi

Kai Shi

Head of the Data and AI, ThoughtWorks China

Having 20 years of experience in enterprise informatization and digital transformation, Mr. Shi had served many large-scale enterprises providing digital transformation strategy consultancy, IT planning and system implementation. Having rich experience in digital transformation for traditional enterprises, he was involved in digital transformation planning and implementation for many large enterprises. The data-driven digital transformation theory and methodology built with his experience lead to his Lean Data theory, which is a important guidance in his practice of enterprise digital transformation driven by big data and AI. Combining design thinking, domain-driven design, and lean thinking on the basis of traditional IT strategy consulting. He has developed the Data Discovery methodology in the past years. Data Discovery has been used in many fields to guide data-driven innovations and made data strategy more practical.

Ran Xiao

Ran Xiao

Innovation Director, ThoughtWorks. 

Ran Xiao has a strong technology background rooted from his post-graduate studies on algorithms. He is the chief digital transformation advisor for large enterprises like HUAWEI and China Merchant Bank. Xiao Ran is on the advisory board of the Open ROADS community, and also an Agile/Lean expert coaching global organizations over 10 years.

Bingqin Qian

ThoughtWorks Senior User Experience Designer

Bingqin Qian serves ThoughtWorks, Inc. as a Senior User Experience Designer with more than two years of experience. She is passionate about using design and technology to help her clients achieve and exceed their goals. She describes herself as a high quality designer with comprehensive design skills in strategy design, information architecture, interaction and visual design.


ThoughtWroks Digital Fluency Model

Digital capability is at the core of any modern business, but building digital capability is still a mystery like alchemy. Based on our global experiences, the Digital Fluency Model emergges from ThoughtWorks. We hope to help more companies finding the true north of building the digital mindset through this model.

Asia’s digital economies: ushering in a new era?

Led by China, economic landscapes in Asia has been profoundly changed by the Internet and digital technologies. Even though representing borderless platforms, the Internet and associated digital innovations also reflect national identities and policies. Do the digital economics of China and Asia represent a new way of doing things for the world, or just for the societies from where they originate? How do US-China trade tensions impact and illustrate the differences between East and West? What are senior executives in Asia saying about the influence of automation and AI on their organisations and workforce needs? To address these and related topics, Robert Koepp of The Economist Corporate Network will offer a multi-faceted presentation on Asia’s digital economies and their significance for business and organisations today and into the future.

How blockchain reshapes supply chain and trade finance

It's time to stop hype-driven investment and get real business value from blockchain. Blockchain technology only make sense in a complex business ecosystem of multiple stakeholders. Supply chain and trade finance are such a typical scenario. We will share our practical cases and experiences around blockchain, how to reduces fraud risks and compliance costs to enhance transparency and effiency in supply chain and trade finance. Blockchain is not the right solution for most scenarios, however it could be one of best options when build an open ecosystem.

Reshape Supply Chain for Business in the Digital Era

Supply chain is the core capability for New Retail enterprises in the ever-changing digital era. supply chain, previously a division of support in the business, has been grown into an ecology that influences the user experience directly. For this reason, the requirement for supply chain are growing rapidly, yet the best practice and procedure are outmoded. Having one of the biggest supply chain system in the world, Lenovo will share their practices in building a soft supply chain with Intelligent Data that drives business innovation.

Social Innovation Workshop: Kids Education Product Innovation in Underdeveloped Area

ThoughtWorks Social Impact Project is a real project. We invite business decision makers to have a brainstorm with us and create a kid education product for children in the underdeveloped area. The product aims at bridging the gap and creating a fair education chance for all the kids. In this process we will also set out the key points in product design process, and the glamour of Design Thinking in a social innovative way can be fully felt on site.