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#TalkTechToHer* Webinar Series

Episode 1. IoT - Edge Computing

Listen to Arti Pande, Lead Technical Consultant at Thoughtworks, talk about how Edge Computing in IoT systems and how it can be used to address some of the challenges that traditional cloud systems pose.

The data deluge in Internet of Things is making it challenging for existing cloud-based centralised IoT systems to draw actionable insights in near-real-time though it is critical for businesses to gain competitive edge. This necessitates a more decentralised approach called 'Edge Computing'. This talk will discuss in detail how moving computation closer to the source of data i.e. the edge nodes in network can address different challenges associated with cloud-based approach.

About the Speaker

Arti works as Lead Technical Consultant at Thoughtworks Technologies India Pvt Ltd, having over 12+ years of experience in software industry, designing and implementing solutions for enterprise systems. With her Computer Science background, she finds emerging technology trends like Big Data, Machine Learning and Internet of Things interesting especially as these are playing a key role in solving non-trivial problems of industry and society alike.

* #TalkTechToHer is a Thoughtworks India initiative focused on gender inclusivity in the workplace. It is aimed at women technologists with more than 6 years of experience in the industry, giving us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our technologists and engage with more women who are just as inspiring.