Vapasi is a #TalkTechToHer initiative from ThoughtWorks to enable experienced women developers who are currently on a career break and looking to re-enter the world of programming. The bootcamp, spread over three weeks will help sharpen your programming skills through hands-on sessions on object-oriented programming practices.

Bootcamp Details:

  • Duration: 3 Weeks (9th April - 28th April, 2018)
  • Timings: Monday - Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM


ThoughtWorks Technologies

6th Floor, Binaries Building, Deepak Complex,

Shastrinagar, Yerawada, Pune (View on Maps)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Women software developers on a career break and eager to get back to development
  • With 3 or more years of programming experience prior to their career break
  • And have a good understanding of Java Programming

Application Process:

  • Register for free on the form below with your details
  • You will receive an email explaining our selection process
  • The selection process contains a fun programming game
  • Successfully finish the game and hear from us!
  • Shortlisted registrants will receive an email confirming your seat for the 3-week workshop

Important Dates:

Last Date to Register: 30th March, 2018

Contact the Vapasi Team:

Since going on my career break, there isn’t a single day that I have not wanted to get back to work. It was my ex-manager who recommended the Vapasi program to me, and I definitely believe that it’s a good initiative. It’s a great platform and opportunity to network for both, the women who want to be back at work and the companies that support these women.
Vaishali PurwarTechnologist for four years on a two-year career break, Vapasi batch of 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this a paid bootcamp?

A) No. The Vapasi bootcamp is free of charge.

Q) Do I need to register for the Vapasi bootcamp?

A) Yes. Your registration helps us keep track of your application and makes it easy to communicate with you.

Q) I am not from Pune. Can I still apply? What about accommodation?

A) Yes. Please go ahead and apply. Since you're not from Pune, we can help find you safe accommodation for the duration of the bootcamp. Or provide you accommodation on a case-to-case basis.

Q) Why is there a selection process for the bootcamp?

A) Our experienced senior developers volunteer to be trainers for this bootcamp in addition to their regular project work. This leaves us with only a limited number of people that we can work with per batch of a bootcamp. And since the seats are limited, we need a selection process to shortlist candidates.

Q) What happens after I complete the bootcamp?

A) On completion of the bootcamp, selected candidates are offered a 3-6 month internship with ThoughtWorks. You are also free to apply to any other tech organizations to continue your career journey.

ThoughtWorks’ Vapasi program enabled my exploration of recent technologies and also gave me the confidence to take my career sky high with a dream job, right here at ThoughtWorks.
Swetha MuraliTechnologist for three years on a two-year career break, Vapasi batch of 2017

Bootcamp Agenda

Week 1

  • Object Oriented Programming and XP Practices like TDD, Refactoring etc.
  • Introduction to Java 8, Lambda and Streams
  • Spring 101, Spring Boot, Spring MVC
  • Unit Testing support in Spring

Week 2

  • Database Migration using FlywayDB
  • Hibernate using Spring Data (using H2 database)
  • Build and Deployment with Spring Boot
  • Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Messaging (ActiveMQ)

Week 3

  • Project Simulation (working in small teams)

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