Ni Wang

Technical Assistant for CTO & OCTO

As a ThoughtWorks consultant, I spent a lot of time helping clients and teams build products in an angle fashion. I believe in business value and teamwork, love new technologies but am also curious about whether it's solving a new problem or an old problem in a new way. 

As a woman who was warned about the hardships that female technologists face, I'm passionate about encouraging and supporting others — whether that's helping them better understand the work that people in IT do, or by enabling them to realize the possibilities they have when opting for a career in tech. I talk to young girls still in campus about what it means to be a ‘woman in tech’, and how they can transform the world using technology.

The Interview

The thing I'm most proud of from my time here is

helping grads in training programs. I was joined as a grad which helps me understand what needed the most and how to be supportive. 

The most interesting thing I've learned on the job is

6 years ago, I never thought I could lead a team (in English!), propose new technologies/architectures to a client, making a point in front of the TAB group who makes the Tech Radar. I think I "upgraded" myself a lot with this job.