Karuppiah Natarajan

Application developer
In my current role, I get to work on building tools for clients, which usually have challenges in terms of scale and user experience. I have gained a lot of experience by working with a lot of diverse people.

In my spare time, I'm usually watching movies, TV series, figuring out life. Sometimes coding. I also like to help others when I can

The Interview

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

Jakarta in Indonesia :) It was my first trip out of India, where I live.

Other places that I have visited are Pune and Bangalore, which are within India.

My geeky passion is

to contribute to Open Source Software. I use tons of open source tools and libraries to make my application development easier, by offloading all the heavy lifting to the tools and libraries :P

It makes me really happy to contribute to OSS and be part of a big thing and also helping other users of the software too.