Dr J Harrison

Dr J Harrison

Harbinger of Change

I had been a Business Analyst and Project Manager for nearly 17 years when I joined ThoughtWorks in 2016 - my background is in Research Science, and I’ve experience across multiple sectors working as the liaison/translator between the technology teams and the end-customer. I’m always in front of the client and the team getting everyone to think in new ways about what will solve the issues their users face. The most interesting part for me is getting clients to see beyond what they think is possible, and finding out what will bring them, and their users, the most value in the end.

I’ve been out as Non-Binary GenderQueer for over 10 years and was out as LGBTQ+ for many years before that. I use “They” my pronouns, and I use a gender non-specific name. Being out as Non-Binary means being very visibly outside the mainstream, and bringing an extension of diversity to people’s attention.

While there are not many Non-Binary GenderQueer’s in Technology, and we’re especially rare over 45, it’s great to be working in a company that works hard to ensure it is inclusive and intersectional. ThoughtWorks gives me opportunities to contribute to the wider teams understanding of the diversity of experiences, and bringing queer theory into the technology space.