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Etienne Roux


I lead projects to deliver predictive and optimization analytics on very large data volumes, using agile principles and the most modern technologies.

I am passionate about agile business transformation, disruptive ideas and the lean organization.

Over the last decades I was privileged to lead small to large projects in Banking, Credit Card, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Publishing / Media, Retail / CPG Distribution, and Telecommunications.

My greatest thrill is working with teams and helping clients solve challenging problems.

The Interview

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

not believing Mike McCormack that such a vibrant, geeky, agile, socially passionate organization exists. 

My geeky passion is

solving the toughest puzzles in the shortest time.

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

don't think too small. Your dream must scare you, learn all you can, take on the impossible challenge and become all you were meant to be.

The thing I love most about my work is

the endlessly interesting, diverse and creative ThoughtWorkers who always challenge me to grow beyond what I thought possible.

If I could fix one of the world's problems, I'd put my powers to use on behalf of

the world's hungry, sick and scared children, and give them a stable childhood, wherein they can flourish.