Denise Reese

Client Principal

I've had an interest in Technology as long as I can remember!  I got my first computer, ( a TI 99 4/A,) when I was 9 or 10 and I've been hooked ever since!  

18 years ago, I realized I could marry my love for Technology with my ability to connect with people and I embarked on an amazing career in Technology Sales.  This journey has been one full of twists and turns but I wouldn't trade any of it!  I've had the opportunity to work and live abroad and have sold solutions across a myriad of disciplines including Identity & Access Management, IT Security, and Regulatory Compliance.  It was during the journey of obtaining my MBA in Strategic Management that I moved into IT Services and Consulting. 

My decision to join ThoughtWorks was rooted in my passion for doing cutting-edge Technology work but also finding meaningful ways to serve my community. At ThoughtWorks, I'm able, and encouraged, to do both.  I serve on multiple Non-Profit Boards, am a sought-after speaker and alumni of Leadership Atlanta, one of The Nation's oldest and most coveted civic leadership programs of its kind.

The Interview

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

A chance meeting with Derek Johnson, Office Principal in Atlanta to discuss how ThoughtWorks and my former company could potentially partner.  Who knew that conversation would lead to me joining ThoughtWorks almost 6 months to the day of our initial meeting!

If I could fix one of the world's problems, I'd put my powers to use on behalf of

Children from under-served communities across Metro Atlanta. One of my dreams is to create a Non-Profit that provides International exposure and immersion experiences for young people focused on STEM education and career opportunities.  

The thing I love most about my work is

Every day is something different.  Each of my clients has separate and distinct challenges ThoughtWorks is solving.  From advising one of the world's leading Media companies on how to get content to market quicker, maintaining the mobile application of a leading global airline, or building a fraud detection system for a major financial services player, every day brings a new opportunity.  I'm also surrounded by tremendously smart and talented individuals who stretch and grow me personally and professionally. 

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

Chicago, NYC, San Francisco and India.  I've got more ground to cover!