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Brett Ansley

Business analyst

With over 15 years experience in the industry, I think differently from many software consultants. For me it's not enough to deliver working software - its imperative that the software engages the target audience and returns measurable value to the organisation as soon as possible.

Working at Thoughtworks for the past 4 years, I work with clients who have big ideas. I have helped to deliver great customer experiences and return meaningful results for our clients. 

The Interview

The thing I love most about my work is

There are lots of things I love about my work: working passionate, professional people; helping clients to realise their potential to deliver value to their customers; travelling; and being challenged to grow and learn all the time.

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

Cities all over the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Chicago, Austin and Cape Town.

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

working with Thoughtworks on a project. I loved the way they worked and the people that worked at Thoughtworks and when the opportunity came I wanted to be part of it.