Anne J Simmons

Anne J Simmons

Lead consultant and global capability development

Anne Simmons is the Head of Global Capability Development at ThoughtWorks, where she is responsible for new market growth, helping ThoughtWorks successfully enter and service new markets and offerings. In this role, Anne works with country leadership teams around the world to ensure a strategic approach to both individual and organisational capability planning and development, and is especially focused on Machine Learning and AI capabilities and offerings currently.

Since joining ThoughtWorks ten years ago as a developer and recent Computer Science graduate, Anne has played a number of roles working directly with clients, coaching delivery teams and supporting the CTO Rebecca Parsons. During this time she managed the creation and release of the popular ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Her latest role combines her love of the use technology to solve problems and her passion for people.

In the last few years Anne has become a regular speaker on the topic of the importance of diversity in technology. Most notably she spoke at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in 2011. She is a regular blogger on topics related to software development and diversity in tech and believes that software is as much about people as it is about code. Prior to software development Anne was a ski instructor in Canada and New Zealand which continues to be one of her main passions, and set her up with many of the skills that she relies on today.