In October 2019, senior executive clients from around the world convened in New Orleans for ParadigmShift, an annual event hosted by ThoughtWorks. This year’s theme, Connect and Collaborate: Accelerating Value Creation, focused on the urgent need to collaborate at every level, to grow and thrive in today’s hyper-connected world. 

Our expert speakers explored collaboration as a defining quality of modern digital businesses and the ways in which connection fuels innovation throughout the entire enterprise. Key themes included the importance of data in creating connected experiences for customers, using ecosystems and partnerships to drive scale, and practical ways to cultivate a sense of belonging at work, creating a safe environment for collaboration.

ParadigmShift 2019
ParadigmShift 2019

Leading Digital Transformation

Dr. Anita Sands

Global Technology and Business Leader

Why Your Digital Transformation

is Destined to Fail

Download Anita’s presentation

Gary O'Brien

Digital Fluency Principal, ThoughtWorks

Digital Fluency - Connecting the

Dots of Digital Transformation

Download Gary’s presentation

Zack Storer

Founder, Angel Equity

Tania Salarvand

Global Head of Marketing, ThoughtWorks

Breaking from Bad:

The Evolution of the Splinter Cell

Leveraging Your Data Assets

Zhamak Dehghani

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Collected Intelligence

Download Zhamak’s presentation

Nigel Dalton

Chief Inventor, REA Group

Creating An O2O Mindset

Download Nigel’s Presentation

Creating Experiences That Delight

Dimitris Bountolos

Chief Digital Officer, LATAM Airlines

Connecting the Rates of Change: Accelerating the Path to Customer Experience

Download Dimitris’ presentation

Frank Møllerop

Managing Director and CEO, Questback

Driving Collaboration Through

Experience Management

Download Frank’s presentation

Building Systems for Success

Ajey Gore

Group CTO, Gojek

Ange Ferguson

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks

Go-Everything: Building a Platform Ecosystem to Connect a Nation

Dr. Dominik Off

Technology Lead for Digital Solutions, Jungheinrich

A Whole New World:

Connecting to Unlock the Power of Cyber-Physical IoT Systems

Download Dominik’s presentation

Embedding a Culture of Collaboration

Lauren Woods

Managing Director, Technology, Southwest Airlines

Joanna Parke

Chief Talent Officer, ThoughtWorks

The Talent Collaboration Connection

James Sherrett

Senior Technology Strategist, Slack

Small Changes, Big Effects

Download James’ presentation

Rob Kayman

Managing Director, PwC

Chris Murphy

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks

Global Mobility: Enabling Collaboration

Collaborating for Social Change

Jamie Kalven

Writer and Executive Director, Invisible Institute

Stella Cziment

Deputy Independent Police Monitor, City of New Orleans

Elise Zelechowski

Global Head, Social Impact Group, ThoughtWorks

Collaboration for Growth and Social Change: Invisible Institute & the NOIPM

Douglas Rushkoff

Technology Theorist and Best-selling Author

Team Human: “6 Rules of the Road”

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Explore past ParadigmShift content on digital transformation and software.

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