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Consultant Developer2019-06-17T03:01:28-04:00<p>We are looking for passionate developers &amp; engineers who care about software excellence. We want people who are aware of latest trends and know how to adopt the most appropriate technology. We're looking for people who are strong advocates for the best engineering practices and love learning new skills.</p> <p>What will you bring?</p> <ul> <li>As a Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks, you will have a strong knowledge of JavaScript or Python.</li> <li>You should also have a solid commercial background in technologies like Spring Boot, Java REST API.,</li> <li>Hands on experience with Build tools and CI and CD tools like Gradle, Maven, Jenkins</li> <li>From a development approach, you will have hands on experience of agile, test driven development (TDD), behaviour driven development (BDD), pair programming.</li> <li>A commercial background in object oriented design (OOD) skills, applying SOLID principles, abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and other concepts.</li> <li>Given the nature of our work, we require a proven track record in consulting, within a Telco or Media sector  due to the alignment of our industry work</li> </ul> <p>What will you be doing day to day?</p> <ul> <li>Write Code! Cleanly and with maintainability in mind.</li> <li>Champion agile best practices and Continuous Delivery</li> <li>Working on client sites around the uk</li> <li>Working as part of a delivery team building innovative software</li> <li>Mentoring and pairing with colleagues and client developers.</li> <li>Pairing with QA’s, Design and BA’s</li> <li>Be an ambassador of ThoughtWorks and safeguard our reputation</li> <li>Build strong relationships with business people</li> <li>Learn something new everyday</li> <li>Facilitate problem solving and work with a team to make them reality.</li> <li>Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title</li> <li>Develop your career outside of the confinements of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about rather than a predetermined one-size-fits-all plan</li> <li>Help to grow the next generation of developers and have a positive impact on the industry<br>We work almost exclusively on customer site providing a mix of delivery and consulting services, so you’ll be flexible about travel.</li> </ul> <p>We proudly, passionately and actively strive to make both ThoughtWorks and our industry more representative of the communities we serve. We promote diversity in all its forms and reject discrimination and inequality. Our diversity and award winning culture inspires our thought leaders and serves to nurture and develop amazing ideas. We believe this makes us a world leading destination of choice for all technologists.</p> <p>We’re also passionate about delivering quality by ensuring the most valuable use of our talents and experience. We aim to support different working patterns to ensure a diverse collective of people can call ThoughtWorks their home so if you’re looking to work with high profile clients, delivering digital transformation and innovation, get in touch and chat to us about working flexibly!</p> <p>The position is based in London, salary for the position being competitive with the opening date for applications being: 12th June 2019 and the closing date being: 10th July 2019</p>ThoughtworksLondonUK